Top Tips for Gaffer Tape

Hey, if you've never heard of this invaluable aid its basically a (usually black) cloth tape. Its damn sticky, super wide and you can rip it rather than having to cut it. Frankly its ace!

Loose cables on set? Lead actor broken his neck when he tripped on a power line? Dimwitted Director dragging cameras across the set by getting caught in cables? Then you need Gaffer Tape. Simply tape all your cables to the floor of your set and your world becomes a much safer place.

Picture the scene: an empty warehouse, a besuited gangster dances around a struggling victim, who then turns round and gives the gangster a telling off. Not so effective huh! Kidnapping? Do the job in style and gag your victim with gaffer tape.
Any hey, why stop there. If you're directing and an actor thinks they can do the job better simply gag them too.

Wanna play sneaky? Cover that blinking red record light on the front of your camcorder and the actors need never know that you're filming their rehearsals. Remember, sometimes the good footage comes first.

Does you medieval epic need a slab of Braveheart gung ho? Use lightweight plastic rods covered in shock foam and wrapped up with silver gaffer tape and you've got instant swords, now your actors can happily swash and bickle to their heart's content.

Don't keep your actors up all night. We shot some saturday night interiors on a bright sunday morning. Simply attach black bin bags to the windows with your trusty roll of gaffer tape thereby preventing light leaking in, close the curtains/blinds and voila instant night.

Camera broken? Prop in pieces? Actor snapped? A couple of strips of gaffer tape and they are as good as new.

and finally...

In space they have no bras! That's official, George Lucas says so. During some of the action in Star Wars Carrie Fisher was experiencing the effects of inertia all too much, and as the Death Star isn't a Gossard stockist her breasts had to be taped down - ouch! Another triumph for Gaffer Tape!

Gaffer Tape

It has no doubt appeared in every single film production ever, but it has never won an Oscar, never been to Cannes and has strangely never been credited...Gaffer Tape, we salute you!!

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