NeoEdge is changing the business model for how consumers play and purchase video games. The company works in close partnership with publishers, advertisers and portals to offer unlimited, free play of unlocked video games and monetizes the hours of play with ads. NeoEdge has launched the Game Network - a unique consumer destination for casual games. It also offers white label programs for third party sites to leverage the business model and use innovative advertising products in and around games to build audience, enhance customer loyalty and grow revenues.

NeoEdge offers key benefits for publishers, consumers and advertisers:

1) NeoEdge enables publishers and portals to generate revenue from each hour of game play. This means 100% of customers generate revenue, both the 1% who purchase a game and the 99% who prefer to play for free. For portals, adding a game channel is an effective way to build audience, reduce churn and increase addressable ad inventory. Game developers and publishers benefit from using the NeoEdge patent pending technology platform in two ways – their development and integration effort is reduced to zero, and they gain unprecedented insight into consumer game play patterns and preferences.

2) The Game Network provides consumers with safe, simple, free and unlimited access to their favorite premium quality games. Consumers can play their favorite games, online or offline, in full screen mode, with premium levels and features enabled.

3) For advertisers, NeoEdge provides a compelling advertising platform to deliver a variety of targeted video game commercials to a highly engaged and demographically appealing audience. The advertisements are attention grabbing, actionable and highly measurable.

Headquarters: 215 Castro St, Mountain View, CA, 94041
Technology: - Award winning, patent pending technology enables cost efficient delivery of highly personalized advertisements to millions of consumers in a secure, reliable, rights-protected manner

- Runs on Windows 2000 or later

- Web version supports Internet Explorer 6 or later and FireFox 1.x or later
Funding: NeoEdge is privately held. The company has raised more than $12 million in venture financing from Jefferson Partners and VIMAC Ventures LLC.
Founded: 2002
Employees: 40

Alex Terry – CEO
Dr. Steven Woods – Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder
Todd Kenck - Chief Financial Officer
Michael Babiak – VP Business Development and Co-founder
Maleea Barnett – VP of Sales
John Corrigan – VP of Product and Program Management
Jonathan Venier – Director of Marketing

Board of Directors:
  Nolan Bushnell (Chairman), CEO of uWink, founder and CEO of Atari Corporation, Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theater and Catalyst Ventures

David Cope, CEO Novazone, former CEO Extricity, CMO Marimba, IBM

Alex Quilici, Ph.D., CEO YouMail; former VP and GM at America Online and CEO of;

Alex Terry, CEO NeoEdge

Kristi Vandenbosch, Founding Member and President, TEQUILA/North America (a division of TBWA/ChiatDay advertising agency)

Dr. Steven Woods, CTO NeoEdge

Bernie Zeisig, Director, VIMAC Ventures, Venture Partner

Contacts: Media and Analyst Relations
Vanessa Rodriguez
Blanc & Otus Public Relations

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