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National Currency - Togrog

A number of documents provide evidences that since the Hun, Tureg, and Uigur empires, the Mongols have utilized coinage in trade. Upon establishing the unified Mongol Empire, Chinggis Khan introduced gold and silver coins called Sukhes and later, in the year of 1227, introduced the world's first paper money /banknote/ into circulation. This proves that Chinggis Khan effectively used the role of trade and money exchanges when holding the nation's political, economic, and cultural systems under strong centralized power. more..
Exchange rate
US dollar USD 1174.22
Euro EUR 1724.28
Japanese yen JPY 10.43
British pound GBP 2476.08
Russian ruble RUB 48.01
Chinese yuan CNY 158.42
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Monthly 1.5
Begin year 12.2
Annual 13.2

Metal price
Price Buy 31047.26
Price Sell 31085.01
USD/Ounce 823.400
Price Buy 574.59
Price Sell 575.34
USD/Ounce 15.240

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