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New Bond girl is a real doll

By Hugh Davies, Entertainment Correspondent
Last Updated: 9:44pm BST 17/10/2002

James Bond has a new plaything - slim, blonde and plastic.

MGM and Eon Productions have been granted the licence to sell Barbie the doll to help pay for Die Another Day, which at £70 million is the most expensive Bond movie.

Dollies are forever: Barbie with Ken as James Bond

Mattel, her makers, say that Bond's Barbie will be at her "stylish best" in the shops - and presumably cinema foyers - decently clad in evening dress and red shawl.

Lindy Hemming, the Welsh Academy Award costume designer, who has given trendy techno glamour to all Bond girls since GoldenEye, created the dress, which is slashed to the thigh to reveal a telephone strapped to Barbie's leg.

The doll is being sold in a £50 gift set with Barbie's Ken character as OO7. He is in a tuxedo designed by the Italian fashion house Brioni, which is providing £3,000 hand-tailored suits for Dame Judi Dench as M and Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny,

Die-hard Bond fans are becoming increasingly upset with the tie-ins and product placement, now that at least 20 other companies, making everything from champagne to soft drinks, are having their products associated with the film.


The latest real Bond girl, played by Halle Berry, features in her own advertising campaign, selling OO7 lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.

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