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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations ds Game Reviews
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations
Critic Score
Metascore: 79 Metascore out of 100
User Score  
9.0 out of 10
based on 26 reviews
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based on 4 votes
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Players star as a defense attorney, who must prove a seemingly guilty client's innocence no matter how dire the circumstances may seem. Phoenix faces the toughest prosecutor yet as the mysterious hard-boiled "Godot" tries to take him down at any cost. Players must collect evidence, survey crime scenes, weed through inconsistent testimonies, and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails. With the return of the popular "psyche-lock" interrogation tool from the previous title, "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All," players have to overcome even more intense courtroom standoffs in order to close the case. Maya Fey is a bright young girl that aids Phoenix in his trials; she harnesses her psychic powers which are useful in a pinch. Godot - the mysterious, hard-boiled prosecutor makes his appearance. Play as two lawyers - relive Mia's rookie days from the past and Phoenix's current cases in the present. Two distinct gameplay segments: Investigation phase - survey crime scenes, interview witnesses and gather evidence that will be used in court; Court phase - present findings from the investigation to support your case, listen to testimonies and examine witnesses. "Psyche-Lock" system - break down tough witnesses with a series of correct questions or catch them on inconsistencies. Touch screen interface progresses players through the game. Microphone can be used to yell "Objection!" and "Hold it!" as you cross examine witnesses. [Capcom]

GENRE(S): Adventure
RELEASE DATE: October 23, 2007

What The Critics Said

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Jolt Online Gaming UK
The story is deep and well thought out, the script at times dark, at times humorous, but always entertaining.
Read Full Review
Invested Phoenix fans get five well-written, twist-filled cases to end a trilogy that unquestionably deserves a seat right next to titans like Maniac Mansion and the Space Quest series. Just make sure you play the first two Ace Attorneys first -- this is one courtroom you shouldn't enter unprepared.
Read Full Review
Adventure Gamers
This is by far the deepest, darkest game in the series, yet the superb writing means that it will also be the funniest you'll encounter.
Read Full Review
It ranks as my favorite installment in the trilogy. The gameplay brought nothing new to the table, but playing it for the plot and characters has left me more than satisfied.
Read Full Review
Nintendo Power
Phoenix Wright lays down the law for the third time in two years, and the outcome is no different from before: we've got another excellent DS graphic-text adventure on our hands. [Dec 2007, p.85]
Why complain if “more of the same” is serving up consistent goodness?
Read Full Review
Game Informer
Knowing that the next game in this series will star a new up-and-coming defense attorney, Trials & Tribulations is a fun and fitting farewell to Phoenix and company. [Nov 2007, p.162]
Read Full Review
Game Almighty
Although Trials and Tribulations is essentially the same gameplay as the previous games, let’s admit it…the series is innovative. Who would have thought that the courtroom could be entertaining, better yet enjoyable?
Read Full Review
Gaming Target
Although Trials and Tribulations doesn’t present anything new to the series, it helps to close out one of the greatest video game trilogies in recent memory.
Read Full Review
Gamer 2.0
Though it's probably not the best game in the series, Trials and Tribulations could not have ended up any better than it is and it's a fantastic final hurrah for everybody's favorite defense attorney.
Read Full Review
NGamer UK
The best in the series. [Dec 2007, p.68]
A classic case of it "if it isn't broke, don't fix it", Trials and Tribulations carries on the series' high quality and is a fitting end to the trilogy, but it won't convert anyone waiting for the series to break out of its somewhat rigid menu-driven process of elimination.
Read Full Review
The premise may seem downright ridiculous and this is reinforced by the witty, pun-filled dialogue bursting with enough memorable and laugh-out-loud quotes to inflame one's haemorrhoids. The actual cases themselves can, however, be quite sombre and very touching at times – sure, you will laugh, but you may also shed a tear.
Read Full Review
It's a 9-flavoured 8, but again the mechanics of the court sequences are often so stupidly frustrating that it would be wrong to mark any higher.
Read Full Review
The brilliant conclusion that the trilogy needed.
Read Full Review
If you like the first two games (even mildly), there's no need to plead a case. Go get it.
Read Full Review
It's by no means the end of the Ace Attorney series, but in regard to tying up loose ends and leaving the game's rabid fans happy, it's the best in the series so far.
Read Full Review
Capcom’s writer-translators have crafted a cast of believable characters to root for, two utterly detestable villains, and a script so dramatic and humorous that you’ll wish every game had this much care poured into it. [Dec 2007, p.116]
If anything, Trials and Tribulations is guilty of just being the "same old thing". After all, the formula hasn't really changed whatsoever from what was present in the first two games, aside from some tweaks to the defense system.
Read Full Review
Electronic Gaming Monthly
Phoenix Wright latecomers risk confusion, but invested fans get a well-plotted conclusion to the trilogy--and that's what's important. [Dec 2007, p.126]
Trials and Tribulations, being stylistically identical to the first two games, will appeal to those who have enjoyed the series thus far. For them, it’s a must-own. For others, however, be warned. There’s no action here. This is a game where you read -- a lot -- and must make choices based on wit and thought.
Read Full Review
The courtroom antics of Phoenix Wright are well worth the trip, even if the formula hasn't changed.
Read Full Review
Trials and Tribulations is yet another enjoyable Phoenix Wright game--just don't expect anything new.
Read Full Review
Cheat Code Central
It actually sort of makes sense to think of Trial and Tribulations as an expansion pack--a 20+ hour one--to the original.
Read Full Review
Even when I became involved with the story, I’d eventually get tired of text tapping the screen, and quit playing altogether. Fans should pick up this title immediately. Newcomers should be wary of the genre, not the game itself.
Read Full Review
Edge Magazine
Often you’ll present a piece of evidence on a hunch and find him explaining it far beyond your own understanding. The result is a distance from the story, and a reminder of the paucity of interactivity on offer. [Nov 2007, p.99]

What Our Users Said

Vote Now! The average user rating for this game is 9.0 (out of 10) based on 4 User Votes
Note: User votes are NOT included in the Metascore calculation.

Kevin R. gave it an8:
More of the same great Phoenix Wright. And while there is nothing new or innovative this time around, the story throughout the game is better than last time, and some of the cases are arguably the best in the series (I still believe the best was the fifth case of the first game)..

L C gave it a9:
One of the better games out for the ds, although it can sometimes be a bit too easy.

Pekka gave it a10:
The best of the series. All 5 cases were interesting (unlike the cases in last two games), and plenty of more surprises in storyline. Excellent experience, I say!

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