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The Race ...

Bronx President

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Election Results ...

General Election Results

Adolfo Carrion

Primary Results

No Primary


The Incumbent:
Adolfo Carrion, Jr.

General Election Challenger(s):
Kevin Brawley

Primary Election Challenger(s):

(Candidate Biographies below)

Campaign Finance Board General Election Voter Guide for Bronx President

Campaign Finance Board Voter Guide for Bronx President

Feature Articles ...

A Challenger for Carrion

July 18, 2005

For decades, Bronx borough presidents have used the post as a launching pad for higher office. Herman Badillo went on to Congress -- and unsuccessful campaigns for mayor. Robert Abrams became state attorney general - and made a losing run for U.S. Senate. And Fernando Ferrer is running for mayor.

Ferrer's successor, Adolfo Carrion, already has plans to follow in their footsteps. He recently told an Israeli newspaper that he expects to run for mayor in 2009.

And he can afford to think about the future - Carrion, an urban planner and former City Council member who defeated several challengers to become borough president in 2001, faces little opposition this year.

One candidate, consultant Kevin Brawley, has filed to run as the Republican and Conservative candidate. He has served as chair of the Bronx Conservative Party and run for office several times, always losing. In 2001, he ran against Carrion and got 2 percent of the vote. His candidacy this year has attracted little attention so far.

On his web site, Carrion says that he has worked to improve schools, housing, safety and economic opportunity in the Bronx. While some new projects have been launched in the borough - including plans for a park along the Bronx River and the new River Plaza shopping center -- the borough includes New York's poorest neighborhoods, and its schools still lag behind those in many other parts of the city. Meanwhile some projects for the borough - including the planned filtration plant in Van Cortlandt Park and the now cancelled BJ's store and - have sparked controversy,

Despite the heavy odds in his favor, Carrion has raised more than $1 million, getting contributions from executives of the YES Network, which televises Yankees games, from unions, a number of real estate companies, and from State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer and Bette Midler. It's a safe bet Carrion will not use all of that money in his fight against Brawley, saving some for the bigger and more competitive races that may lie ahead.

Candidate Bios ...

The Incumbent:

Adolfo Carrion, Jr. | Dem | WFP |
Adolfo Carri�n, Jr. was elected as Bronx Borough President in 2001. He served in the New York City Council from 1997 to 2001. In the past, he worked for the Bronx office of the New York City Department of City Planning as well as an associate pastor, a public school teacher, and the vice president of Human Services and Community Outreach at Promesa, a community development organization.


Kevin Brawley | Rep | Con |
A consultant, Kevin Brawley has served as chair of the Bronx Conservative Party and run unsuccessfully for borough president, state senate and Congress.

Sarah Katz |
Sarah Katz is a sewer in a garment factory.

Campaign Trail ...

Below are the latest Campaign Trail items for the Bronx President race. For the full Campaign Trail archive, go here

Newark Firm's Employees Pump Money Into Bronx BP Race

July 19, 2005
A New Jersey company has taken an unusual interest in the re-election of the president of the Bronx, with 12 employees, including a secretary and a maintenance worker, donating between $2,000 and $4,000 each to the campaign of Adolfo Carrion.
The company, Essex Plaza Management, is based in Newark but manages a 206-unit residential property known as "the Castle" on 180th Street and Andrews Avenue in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx.
Eleven of the 12 Essex contributors list New Jersey as their place of residence, and only one was a New York State resident. In addition, the company donated $4,500 to a New York State political action committee controlled by Mr. Carrion.
The contributions are raising eyebrows among some political observers who say they aren't sure why a New Jersey secretary or maintenance worker would spend thousands of dollars on a New York City political race that isn't expected to be a close contest
(NY Sun)

Carrion Raises Funds

November 8, 2004
Even though he does not face any opposition until 2005 -- and is widely favored to win then -- Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion has been raising campaign funds. His biggest fund-raiser has been Jose Velazquez, a manager from Tri-Line Contracting Corp. in Manhattan. (Bronx Beat)

Bronx Dynasties

March 9, 2005
In terms of political dynasties with deep roots,
perhaps nothing quite compares with the Bronx, where
there are the Arroyos, the Serranos, the Riveras, and
the Diazes. While there have always been intensely
political families in New York City, the Bronx has
put a new twist on this phenomenon, with the children
of sitting politicians getting elected to public
office before their parents have left the arena. (NY Times)

Playing Both Side of Stadium Debate

March 9, 2005
Adolfo Carri�n Jr., the Bronx borough president who
says he has not reached a decision on whether to
support the proposed West Side stadium for the Jets,
is soliciting donations from both sides of the fight
over the project. Carri�n had invited representatives
of the team trying to build it - the New York Jets -
and also representatives of the driving force against
it - Cablevision - to a $1,000-a-plate fund-raiser he
is holding tomorrow night. (NY Times)

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