IFNA Moves World Netball Championships 2007 to New Zealand

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) announced, on Friday 22nd December, that the 2007 World Netball Championships, withdrawn from Fiji following a military coup on 5th December 2006, will remain in the Oceania region but be transferred to New Zealand.

The Championships, due to take place from the 10th-21st July will, however, be postponed until November 2007, in order for the new hosts to make full preparations for the event and maximise the commercial opportunities.

Molly Rhone, IFNA President, said:

“When the coup took place in Fiji and the Championships were withdrawn, a number of our member countries expressed an interest in taking on the Championships.

“Having worked through the implications, the only member able to commit to IFNA at this stage to hosting the event in 2007 was Netball New Zealand, who felt that a postponement until November would give them adequate time to prepare.

“After due deliberation, IFNA concluded that transferring the event to another country within the same region, in the same year, was preferable to postponing the event to 2008 and have therefore decided to accept Netball New Zealand’s offer.

“It was important to act decisively at this time so that players, supporters and everyone else can start to make adjustments to their plans.

“IFNA really appreciates Netball New Zealand’s offer to the international body at this time - and for taking up the challenge of hosting netball's premier international event at short notice.

“We will now be working to confirm further details about the event with Netball New Zealand so that preparations can begin in earnest.

“IFNA would like to thank everyone involved for their interest and understanding as we look forward to a successful 12th World Netball Championships in New Zealand.”


21:00 GMT
22nd December 2006