Jeffery C. Grisold's Black Lager (Longshot)

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This Homebrew Recipe was added by Jeffery C. Grisold on October 07, 1996 at 14:01:38:

Ingredients for 5 gallons:

Pale malt 10.5 lbs
Munich malt 2.25 lbs
Caramel malt 1.0 lbs
Chocolate malt 5.5 oz
Black patent malt 2.75 oz
Nugget hops 1 oz
Hallertauer hops 3 oz
Gypsum 0.5 teas. (in mash)
Lager yeast


Mash in to 152 F, rest for 50 minutes
Raise temperature to 156 F with hot water, rest for 25 minutes
Sparge until kettle is full.

Boil for 90 minutes adding hops as follows:

At kettle full, 1 oz Nugget + 0.5 oz Hallertauer. At KF + 70 minutes, 2.0 oz Hallertauer.
At KF + 87 minutes, 0.5 oz Hallertauer

Cool, pitch with Lager yeast.
Ferment at 60-62F.

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