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L. Ron Hubbard on Jesus Christ


Christianity vs Scientology, Perry Scott

Is CoS compatible with ALL other relegions?

You decide if this quote from their founder is 'compatible' with your Christianity



The Bible teaches us to submit our wills to God.

However--from pg 61 of 'What is Scientology'

"Man is a spiritual being endowed with abilities well beyond those which he normally envisages. He is not only ABLE TO SOLVE HIS OWN PROBLEMS, accomplish his own goals and gain lasting happiness.”

The Bible tells us Man is born with the stain of Original Sin.

From pg 68; "This was the source of all that is good, decent and creative in the world: the individual being himself."

In fact, Scientology sets itself up as a substitute for both God and the Bible.

Pg 82 of ‘What is Scientology’; "Scientology auditing can bring any person from a condition of spirtual blindness to the brilliant joy of spiritual existence."

And, of course, we've got the whole reincarnation issue--about which the cult talks out of both sides of their mouths.

Pg 531 of 'WIS'. "Reincarnation is a definite system and is not part of Scientology. It is a fact that unless one begins to handle aberrations built up in past lives, he doesn't progress."

How one has 'past lives' w/o being reincarnated to have a present one to handle one's aberration is beyond me. And I'm not going to play the game of 'somewhere 2,000 years ago some council-or-other expunged reincarnation from the Bible.' The fact is that nowhere in any mainline Christian denomination today is reincarnation taught.

So, 1) man is good, 2) man is able to take care of himself, 3) Scientology doesn't require God to bring Mankind to spiritual maturity, and 4) Scn teaches that after we die our spirits/souls/thetas come back in another body.

Scientology is not compatible with biblical Christianity.





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