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I don't think of myself as "a fanfic author." That title is reserved for those out there who actually know what they are doing (see my Favorite Links page). I write first and foremost for myself, and secondly for my friends. If anyone else happens to like a piece of my writing, then I consider it icing on the cake!

My good friend Kat surprised me by making this page for me, so here I am, writing an intro for My Fanfic Page. What a concept! I don't profess to be The Next Coming in the fanfic community. What you will find here are fics that take Mulder and Scully out to play for a little while, and put them back, hopefully no worse for wear (and maybe even a little more sexually satisfied). So read on, and have fun. If you like a fic, please let me know. And if you like the page, thank Kat at She's done a great job!


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