Twain, Mark, 1835-1910 . Roughing it Lecture, version 1
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  • Article The Chicago Tribune 20 December 1871 [Transcribed text of MT lecture, given 18 December 1871.] "MARK TWAIN." Sketch of the Great American Humorist's Lecture, Delivered in the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church -- An Original Introduction -- Mark's Experience with a "Genuine Mexican Plug" -- Reportorial Experience at Virginia City -- Remarkable Exploits as a Duellist.
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  • Article The Chicago Tribune 24 December 1871 "MARK TWAIN." A Few More Passages from the Great Humorist's Lecture at the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church -- Lake Tahoe and Camp Life in Its Vicinity -- Remarkable Recovery of an Invalid -- Hunting Rocky Mountain Sheep -- Mark's Great Sand Shifter -- Duelling at Virginia City.
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