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Dave Kurzman is a Weird Tales collector par excellance and generously supplied this website with scans of Weird Tales' rarest and earliest issues from his personal collection .  He sells Weird Tales, Arkham House, and other horror and science fiction books in great condition at reasonable prices.  His e-mail address is  Be sure to specify the issues or titles you are interested in.

Charles M. Miller has published several books showcasing the art of Hannes Bok and Virgil Finlay and the fiction of horror authors in his Masters of Darkness series (which are highly recommended). He also sells copies of Weird Tales at very reasonable prices. For a catalog, send e-mail to, call 717-285- 2255, or write Charles M. Miller, 708 Westover Dr., Lancaster, PA 17601.

Graham Holroyd is a pulp and book dealer with a staggering collection of Arkham House and Weird Tales material, all priced very reasonably.  He can be e-mailed at

Robert Madle is a lifelong science fiction fan and pulp collector. His "Amazing Madle" catalog is legendary and contains just about anything a pulp/SF/horror collector could want, including Weird Tales issues at respectable prices. For a catalog, call 301-460-4712 or write Robert Madle, 4406 Bestor Drive, Rockville, MD 29853.

Weird Tales has been resurrected several times since its demise.  It is currently being published by Wildside Press.  A link to their website is in the Exits below.

Arkham House, legendary publisher of Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and others, is still in business.  To receive a catalog, you can write to Arkham House, P.O. Box 546, Sauk City, WI 53583.  However, I suggest you purchase Arkham House books through Weinberg Books (see below) who carry the entire Arkham line at the same prices, and are much easier to deal with.

Robert Weinberg is not only one of the foremost Weird Tales scholars in the world, he is also a prolific author of dark fantasy and runs an excellent mail-order business which specializes in horror titles. His catalog contains much Weird Tales-related material. Weinberg himself has edited or co-edited several anthologies of stories from The Unique Magazine and sells these as well. For a catalog, write Weinberg Books, 1021 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60657-3302. Phone orders are taken from 12-8 Central time Monday through Saturday at 773-871-6381.

Necronomicon Press has been publishing the work of Lovecraft and his contemporaries for decades. A link to their web page is in the Exits below.

Girasol Collectables is publishing facsimiles of the earliest Weird Tales issues. A link to their website is in the Exits below.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, or if you wish to buy or sell any copies of Weird Tales, please send me e-mail at


This website could not have been fashioned without Robert Weinberg’s seminal

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Special Thanks to R. Alain Everts and Dave Kurzman for their contributions to the site.


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