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Transportation Board Approves Fairfax County Parkway Plans Final Segment of 35-mile parkway

The Commonwealth Transportation Board has approved location plans for the final segment of the Fairfax County Parkway, located just north of I-95 within the Army�s Engineering Proving Ground. The Virginia Department of Transportation will now begin right of way acquistion and final design.

The 1.6-mile segment, from Rolling Road to Fullerton, will complete the 35-mile parkway from Route 1 in southeastern Fairfax County to Route 7 near Dranesville. The roadway will have three lanes in each direction with interchanges at Fullerton Road, Rolling Road/EPG Access Road and Hooes Road. Portions of Hooes Road and Rolling Road will be relocated and integrated into the interchange at the Franconia-Springfield Parkway to provide local access. A trail will also be constructed.

The Fairfax County Parkway has two sections. The northern section runs from Route 7 to Rolling Road where it ties into the Franconia-Springfield Parkway. The southern section runs from Fullerton Road, just west of I-95 to Route 1 at Ft. Belvoir. The new segment will tie these two sections together. Today, motorists must travel circuitous routes by way of Backlick Road or Rolling Road get from one section of the Parkway to the other.

The estimated cost for design, right of way and construction is approximately $92 million. The project will be advertised for construction in late 2006.

About 71,000 vehicles a day are expected to use the section between I-95 and Fullerton Road by 2020.

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