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Password Manager XP

As a general rule I recommend people never store password information on their computers. This general rule however is broken when a program comes along and offers encryption 8 times over. What is this magical program? Password Manager XP.


There is an ever increasing number of passwords you have to remember and if you follow good password writting guide lines then you will probably have different passwords for different accounts and those passwords should contain numbers and letters.

But how on earth are you ment to remember any password more difficult than your dogs name or 1111112. Along comes Password Manager. This program can securely store as many passwords and usernames as you want.

The catch? You have to buy it and you still have to remember one password to get into the program.


So your now thinking, pay for it, owww. Well, stop your complaining! at £15 its not a bad buy at all. But what are you buying into?

Heres some of the main features:

Store to external device

The whole program can be stored on removable media such as a floppy disk or a USB flash disk device. Meaning you can take your passwords with you. This function is extremely useful for the mobile user.

The total size of the whole program plus your passwords should not exceed 1mb. So, again very useful, as it means it does not take up much space on a USB flash disk and can even be stored on a floppy disk.

Worth noting, the program cannot integrate with internet explorer if its stored to an external device. Well, at least it wouldn't for me .

Built in password generator

Cant think of a good password. Get Password manager to get you one.. I was recommended: "$1kHhx-2". Nice!

Multi user access

The program can be set up so that passwords can be accessed by different accounts and each account having a custom level of access.

What else?

Its got print templates for password printing and can work across a network.


As previously discussed security levels are extremely good, with no back doors into the program and 8 times over encryption.

Definition of encryption: To alter (a file, for example) using a secret code so as to be unintelligible to unauthorized parties.

The only way in is your chosen password (so choose a good one).

Additionally the program doesnt have any temporary files and the clip board is emptied when you exit the program for additional security.

Also, you wont loose your passwords as the database does create backups, obviously these too are secured. 

Ease of use

The program is very easy to just pick up and use immediately. It also includes search features so you can search through your passwords, customisation so you can edit the program to whatever degree you want and of course a good help section for if you do get stuck.

Internet Explorer Integration

The program can "integrate" with internet explorer. So, how exactly does that work?

Its quite simple really, take for example inserting a password to log into yahoo mail. You enter your user name then you right click on the password box and choose "Insert password from Password Manager XP":

Then you enter your database password:

Finally you choose your corresponding account (in this case yahoo mail):

And hay presto your password is inserted. Okay, well maybe not that simple but still better than using up valuable brain space trying to remember passwords that you hardly ever use.



For password storage you will not find a better program out there. Its main pitfalls would have to be.... having to pay for the program!, can not integrate with internet explorer when using from removable media and you need to remember a password in the first place to access the program.

However, it is highly secure, its mobile (store to usb flash disk), its small size (less than >1mb), use it across a network, multi user and its very easy to use.

Computer Logic recommendation: Do not use internet explorer integration but have all your user names and passwords safely stored on the program and call them up if you ever forget one of them.

Thanks for reading! Hope this has helped you make up your mind.

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