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 - LANified!: Please hit reset, Waiver.
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 - LANified!: Please hit reset. Registration open!
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LANified!: Please hit reset. September 14, 2007, 12:00:14 PM 10 / 80 (5)
LANified!: Please insert coin to continue. June 08, 2007, 05:00:08 PM 3 / 80 (3)
LANified!: It begins here. March 16, 2007, 12:00:16 PM 16 / 80 (5)


LANified!: Please hit reset, Waiver.
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

The Waiver for the next event is now available.

All attendees are REQUIRED to completely fill out the form and hand it in at the event. If you cannot fill it out before you arrive at the event, we will be able to provide you a copy of the Waiver to fill out on-site. Take note that any minors (under the age of 18 years) will be REQUIRED to have a legal guardian acompany them and sign the document. Minors are only required to have their guardian/parent present for the initial sign-in and Waiver procedure, beyond that it is up to them if they want to ditch their parents or let them participate themselves.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments, etc. Please either contact me privately via the Forum's Privately Messaging service, or at the event itself.

Hope to see you there!

Microsoft Vista: The new threat to the internet.
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

There is a lot of information about why Vista isnt all it is cracked up to be, and then there is this.

Microsoft has recently declared that they will be changing their Policy regarding Piracy for their latest and "greatest" windows: Vista. They will be changing their policy to reflect how they feel that Pirates should be dealt with, by cutting them off and crippling their Operating System.

Once an installation of Vista is declared "nongenuine" it will experience something referred to as the Black Screen of Death, in which after approximately 1 hour of use (they mention surfing but I imagine it is general use) the system goes to an absolute Black screen, turns off any bars and menus and all additionaly functionality. I imagine a restart corrects this, but you never know with Microsoft.

Now for the rub. In addition to that, Microsoft intentionally will prevent you from installing any further updates, with the known intent of enabling virii, malware, and other nasty things to infect your machine. Their mentality is that once your system starts to bog down, act up, and really piss you off, you'll actually want to pay up for a legit version, upon which they step into "save the day".

While some may say this is their choice to make, it is their software, stop for a second and realize the level of integration Microsoft windows (not just Vista) has in the market. Microsoft windows is arguably the single most used series of Operating Systems on the planet. It has happened before in which their Validation servers mis-validate users and declare them "nongenuine" upon which they get the stick.

In this instance, imagine what it would do to completely legit users who (by Microsoft's sole actions) are declared "nongenuine". They would experience the BSOD (Black), start experiencing virii, malware, and eventually start turning into bots for botnets, and many other malicious things.

My recommendation, anything but Vista; hell try getting OS X running on your PC if you're up for a cool hack-job.


LANified!: Please hit reset. Registration open!
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

LANified!: Please hit reset, our next event's registration is open. So sign up, tell your friends, and show up!

Any questions? Want to help? Perhaps you want to see something happen, or a particular game to play? Check out the Forums; signing up enables you to register for events too!

LANified!: Please hit reset. Event announced!
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

LANified!'s next event, Please hit reset, has been booked! Registration will open shortly, make sure you have an account.

.September 14th to 15th

.Warcraft 3: DoTA
.Unreal Tournament 2004
.Trackmania: Nations

There will be discounts for groups and if you are a student.

Democracy Player (soon to be Miro)
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

I was recently pointed to an application which makes a lot of free internet video (TeleVision) readily available. The advantage to the program is that it automates a lot of the processes for you. You are able to subscribe to "channels" in which it automatically checks for new episodes and informs you when any are available. When browsing each channel you get information regarding each episode, some with brief details, some with thorough details. While browsing you are able to select which ones you would like to download, and it either downloads immediately or queues up.

I have now been using this application for in excess of 3 hours (and I have had it on my computer for about 5 hours). So far I have seen no sign of any need to register for the program, pay for any videos, or anything else of the sort. While the program is not in version 1.0, the latest version (0.9.6) appears to have no serious problems at all. Another nice feature is that it is cross-platform, they have a client for windows gnu/linux and mac-os.

I highly recommend this program (so far). So if you are interested check it out at .

Another note, during installation it offers you to scan for media. I allowed it to scan for my media and it came up with a lot of videos. When I first ran the program it started lagging a lot, however I found this was because it was dealing with my rediculously large ammount of videos available. After I reinstalled (since I did not find the option to stop it from using those directories) the lag vanished. I recommend you do not add your current media to the program, at least initially.

Either way check it out, At least once.

LANified!: II Rescheduled
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

Unfortunately due to circumstances, we will be rescheduling the second event for future dates. We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are currently looking into dates in September, but do realize that nothing is solid just yet. Please check back with the site for further updates.

LANified!: Please insert coin to continue: Registration open!
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

LANified!'s next event, Please insert coin to continue, has been annouced. Registration is open, dates are booked, now all we need is to see you there!

.Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
.War3, TFT: DoTA
.Supreme Commander OR Command and Conquer 3 (You vote!)

For full details, and registration (don't forget you need to login to register) check the information out here.

Hope to see you there!

RIAA wins Worst Company in America 2007
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

After 15 grueling rounds, the RIAA is out on top for the USA's absolutely worst company of 2007 (but wait, 2007 is over?). The RIAA comes out on top over companies such as Halliburton (which made it to the finals), Exxon, Sony, and Walmart.

It is clear that the people have spoken, however a comment I read about this topic outlined that the RIAA is a misleading target. The RIAA, as I am sure we all know, is an association hired by the Recording Industry to do it's dirty work. The poster concludes that the RIAA is getting their job done, as they are keeping the dirt off of the other companies they represent. Since the RIAA does not actually deal with the clientele of these companies, their reputation can be sacrificed at all costs (including suing any and everyone they have any tidbit of evidence on, even if they dont have any) without sullying the "good" names of the companies they represent.

This has probably been said elsewhere, but I for one will start looking into which recording companies the RIAA represents, and maybe start boycotting them.


LANified!: It begins here, Change of dates and venue.
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

The dates for the upcoming event have been moved to March 16-18. This is still a Friday to Sunday scheme, and we will have everything else the same, except that it is now at the Southwood Community Hall as well as an increase in capacity to 80 people.

Registration will be up soon, and we apologize for the inconvenience this may pose, but unfortunately we had problems with Glendale.

Child's Play Exceeds $1 Million Donated
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

A few months ago Gabe and and Tycho started a medium for gamers to donate to needy Children's Hospitals. It has since exploded, currently exceeding $1 Million worth of cash and items donated to Children's Hospitals world-wide. Some of the mediums involve purchasing items which have been requested by each Hospital, wheras other mediums involve donating via PayPal. If youre interested, check it out.

Avoid the windows Tax
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

Those who want to have a good computer, but dont really know how to build one consult professionals in different ways. Some who have consulted dell did not want windows, as they should be given the option. It took some work, but someone finally did it. Check it out.

LANified! V1.0 Launched
Posted on December 30, 1969, 01:58:58 PM

Welcome to the LANified! V1.0 website, please read the "About" section from the menu on the left and visit us on the Forums!

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