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An idyllic world close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories...
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Naboo's Secrets Revealed
January 31, 2001

[ Naboo's Secrets Revealed ]What secrets lie beneath Naboo's grassy surface, in the dark recesses of the Core? What tales can be found within the frescoed walls and chambers of Theed and the Royal Palace? Wizards of the Coast unveils The Secrets of Naboo, a 96-page supplement for The Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

This guide provides gamemasters with all the game stats they need to incorporate Naboo's characters, technology and wildlife into their campaigns. For fans of the Star Wars saga, it provides a wealth of information on the beautiful planet. Learn about Queen Amidala's court and the soldiers sworn to protect her. Learn about the Gungan civilization and their exotic underwater cities.

The Secrets of Naboo, written by Steve Miller and J.D. Wiker, is scheduled for release on February 8, 2001. For more information about The Star Wars Roleplaying Game, including preview stats from this product, visit the Wizards of the Coast website here.

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