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Round 3 Event Reporting
nr 1442
year 2007
week 6
category International conflict (that has a national impact like the Israel-Palestine conflict, Iraq or Afghanistan),
country Spain
name Aznar takes advantage of an act in Madrid with PP loyals to rectify his 2003 accusations about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
shortdescription In Iraq there were not weapons of mass destruction …I know it now
Almost four years after the war in Iraq began , the ex prime minister, José María Aznar, has recognized, for the first time, that Sadam Hussein’s regime did not have weapons of mass destruction: “All the world thought that there were such weapons, but there were not. All the world knows this fact, and I do too… now”, answered to one student in Pozuelo, in an act with PP loyals, which clap for that decision. In 2003, when Aznar sent Spanish troops to Iraq, he ensured the opposite “Everybody knows that Sadam has weapons of mass destruction. I am saying the truth: a regime with these weapons is a risk for the peace”. (El País) (La Vanguardia)

The PSOE wants Aznar “to ask for sorry” because Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. (El Mundo)
timing 09 02 07
coverage High coverage

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