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Rating: PG-13.

Mulder and Scully have a Close Encounter of the Third Kind that becomes a deadly race for survival. Some UST between M&S.; Written in 1995.

Crossing The Line
Rating: NC-17

Picks up with the last scene of the episode "F. Emasculata" from the second season, this deliberately disturbing story examines what might happen when Scully reaches the end of her rope and decides to take drastic action against their enemies. Contains sex and violence. Written in 1995.

Dark Angel
Rating: NC-17.

A serial killer fixates on Mulder, drawing him into a nightmare, putting Scully's life on the line. A horror story: It should be disturbing. Written in ~1995.

Fire and Ice
Rating: NC-17.

Mulder and Scully attend an FBI party. This is pure romance, not much of a plot, a little humor and a lot of sex between M&S.; Written in ~1995.

Ghostly Reminders
Rating: PG-13.

A series of strange deaths bring Mulder face-to-face with some very painful memories, and forces him to lay some very personal ghosts to rest. Lots of warmth and understanding between M&S;, but no romance. Written in 1994.

Healing Time
Rating: PG-13.

A dual sequel to "Ghostly Reminders" and " Dark Angel." An old friend of Mulder's asks him for help solving a series of violent deaths in a children's clinic in Florida. As he and Scully work to prevent more deaths, Mulder must overcome the aftereffects of what happened to him in "Dark Angel." Written in 1996.

Rating: PG-13.

A woman who appears to be suffering from a poltergeist infestations asks for Mulder and Scully's help. Two men's obsessions collide as the partners face down an old enemy as well as a new one. Lots of warmth but no romance between M&S.; Written in ~1995.

A Reminder
Rating: PG-13

A short epilogue to the episode "Grotesque."

Rating: NC-17

My continuation of the last scene of the episode "Paper Clip." This is pure erotica - sex between Mulder and Scully.

Safe Haven
Rating: PG-13

My version of what happens after the end of the second season finale "Anasazi." While hiding out on the Navajo reservation, Mulder and Scully must make some difficult decisions about whom to trust. M/S romance.

The Sisterhood
Rating: PG-13

Mulder and Scully are called to Texas by Michelle Generro (from the episode: "Space") who is worried about her sister. The investigation leads them to an Austin sorority and some very strange influences, which soon begin to affect both Scully and Michelle's behavior. M/S romance. Written in ~1996.

Too Close
Rating: PG-13

A serial killer stalks the halls of the FBI itself. Contains a carefully 'Carter-esque' relationship between Mulder and Scully. Written in 1996.


This series is available as a single file from the The Annex: The X-Files Novel Archive. These stories are available here as five separate files. Please note that the stories were written during 1995-1997, and they act to some extent as an alternate universe to the series canon though I have tried to remain as true to the series as possible.
Courtesy of the The Annex.

Promises to Keep - Part One
Rating: PG-13

Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders involving blood loss and must face the vampiric killer with the aid of a very surprising ally. This is the first of several stories involving the vampire Jason. These stories assume that Mulder and Scully already have an established romantic/sexual relationship. In this case, the relationship is merely backdrop for the story.

Vampire's Kiss - Part Two
Rating: PG-13.

Several vampires have gone missing in Washington, DC, and a worried Jason goes to Mulder and Scully for aid. Their investigation soon indicates that a very familiar evil is behind the disappearances. A bit more of the relationship angle - with a twist.

Interlude with a Vampire - Part Three
Rating: NC-17

A short piece of erotica involving Mulder, Scully and Jason.

Vampire's Ball - Part Four
Rating: PG-13.

Jason invites Mulder and Scully to a Halloween Party - vampire- style. Three-way relationship already assumed as per previous story.

Night Hunters - Part Five
Rating: R.

Jason is drawn into one of Mulder and Scully's investigations with dangerous consequences.

Co-written with Suzanne Bickerstaffe (Ecksphile@AOL.com)
Available at
The Magician Web Page. This is an alternative universe series which diverges from the X-Files canon after the first story was written in spring 1995.

This story moves along within the trailing end of the first season of the series "Murder One" and fits into The X-Files at a point before the end of the fourth season, at the latest. Most likely, it can be considered as occurring during the mid-third season.

One Day At A Time - Part One
Rating: PG-13

Part one of a series of short stories. A simple friendship story involving Mulder and Neil Avedon.

Convergence - Part Two
Rating: PG-13

Mulder and Neil become closer, then must separate to face their lives. But Mulder cannot forget his new friend, and soon finds that their fates may be more connected than he could have imagined.

Alliance - Part Three
Rating: PG-13

Neil brings Mulder and attorney Ted Hoffman together; both must find a way towards trust and understanding, despite - or perhaps - because of the dangers involved.

Memories - Part Four
Rating: PG-13

Mulder cements his relationship with Hoffman and associates, striking Miriam Grasso's curiosity. Neil insists on being hypnotized with startling results.

Conflagration - Part Five
Rating: PG-13

Mulder steps up his investigation into Lester's clinic. Neil insists on being involved.

Finale - Part Six
Rating: PG-13

Unfinished. At long last, Neil is proven innocent and released. Now it is time to say a bittersweet goodbye and reach for the future, whatever it may bring. Approx. half-done; I can not promise when it will be completed. Thank you kindly for your patience.

These stories involve the first season of "Murder One" only.

Rating: NC-17.

Warning: Extreme violence and sexual content. A psychopath seeking revenge on Judge Beth Bornstein traps both her and Neil Avedon into a fight for survival.

Remorse and Resolution
Rating: PG-13

Neil Avedon makes a decision that has major ramifications for himself, his attorneys, and detective Arthur Polson. Takes place between Chapters Fourteen and Fifteen of the series.

Second Chances
Rating: NC-17.

Romantic aftermath story to the end of the first season of "Murder One."

Available at:
My Babylon 5 FanFiction Page

Some of these stories are also available on the
CI5 Mailing List Web Page. Please be warned: that site is undergoing construction at the moment.

Rating: PG-13.

It's the fifth anniversary of Bodie and Doyle's working partnership. They survived five years together in CI5; now can they survive this night? Story also available in the Pros fanzine "Chalk and Cheese," volume 18 from Mysti Frank - Agent With Style.

Predators Part One
Predators Part Two

Rating: R (m/m).

Someone is targeting Bodie and Doyle's girlfriends for murder, leading the agents into a twisted chase that could cost them their careers and maybe their lives. (Story also available in the Pros fanzine "Chalk and Cheese," volume 17 from Mysti Frank - Agent With Style.)

The Price of Loyalty
Rating: NC-17 (m/f).

A fanfic story based on "The Chief." A serial killer haunts Eastland, forcing Alan Cade to put his own life on the line, but the bloody aftermath is almost more than he can handle...at least not alone. But everything has its price, even the gift of true loyalty - especially when it's rooted in a forbidden love. (Story also available in the Pros fanzine "Chalk and Cheese," volume 16 from Mysti Frank - Agent With Style. )

Welcome to the Jungle
Rating: PG-13

Winner - Huggy Award for Best Drama Pros Circuit story at Zebra Con, 1997. CASE story. A sequel to the episode "The Rack." Bodie and Doyle are assigned to protect Geraldine Mather from terrorists.

Seasons Series

A Lonely Season Part One
A Lonely Season Part Two
A Lonely Season Part Three

Rating: PG13 (m/m).

A three part Christmas story. When Doyle sees Bodie suffering through the holiday season alone, he decides to make this a Christmas his partner won't forget, and learns more about himself, and Bodie, in the process.

A New Season
Rating: NC17 (m/m).

A sequel to "A Lonely Season". Sometime finally getting something you've worked for isn't as easy as you'd think. But if it's worth it, you'll find a way to handle the rough spots. And love is always worth the trouble.

Midsummer's Musings Part One
Midsummer's Musings Part Two
Midsummer's Musings Part Three

Rating: NC17 (m/m).

A three part continuation of my seasons series. It's a HOT summer in London...

Autumn Rain
Rating: R (m/m).

The seasons are changing again, and it is time for a change of pace as well.

Available from
The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive

Rating: PG-13.

Here are four drabbles (tiny fanfic vignettes that are exactly 100 words in length. The titles are Trust Me, Interrogation, In the Dark, and Who Are You?.

Hard to Say
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

Sometimes our subconscious has to fight dirty to tell us things we're too frightened to hear. Can Blair face up to the truth his is trying to say?

What Else is a Guide For?
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

Dealing with overactive senses and zone-outs is difficult enough on the job. What happens when the problem interferes with Jim's social life?


In The Wind
Rating: PG-13.

Crossover with Homicide. Ex-Detective Mike Kellerman struggles to put his life back together under the tutelage of the oldest immortal, but before he can move forward, he must defeat an old enemy with Methos' help.


Rating: R (m/m).

Crossover with The X-Files. Sparks fly when Agent Mulder teams up with the charismatic Legacy Precept, Derek Rayne. Story also available in in "One in Ten" - a multimedia slash fanzine from CindaJody1@aol.com .

Red Cactus Fruit
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

A look back before the start of the series at the fateful meeting between Detective Frank Karmak and the Legacy Team. A bizarre killer is loose in San Francisco, leaving behind the kind of clues that only a certain Legacy Precept can follow.


Claire's Story
Rating: NC-17 (m/m/f).

Mike and Ben surprise Claire with an unusual proposal.

Cost of Living
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

A heat-wave causes an explosion of violence on NYC, catching Ben Stone and Mike Logan right in the middle. Note: Story has been published in the multimedia slash fanzine "Nothing to Hide" - contact Mona for ordering information.

Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

Crossover with Homicide: Life on the Streets. Renee Shephard plays matchmaker for a certain pair of detectives: her friend Tim Bayliss and a visiting Detective from New York City.


First Date
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

An epilogue to the episode "Closet Cases" - my take on Tim's date with Chris.

In The Wind
Rating: PG-13.

Crossover with Highlander. Ex-Detective Mike Kellerman struggles to put his life back together under the tutelage of the oldest immortal, but before he can move forward, he must defeat an old enemy with Methos' help.

Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

Crossover with Law and Order. Renee Shephard plays matchmaker for a certain pair of detectives: her friend Tim Bayliss and a visiting Detective from New York City.


Series: A Question of Trust

Challenges - Part One
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

A short PWP that falls between the end of the second season and the start of the third season of Psi-Factor. SPOILERS for the second season finale, "Egress.". Peter finds Matt in Kelly's apartment after Matt has learned that Kelly is still alive. Story 1.

Recovery - Part Two
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

A sequel to "Challenges" that follows "Comings and Goings," the second ep of the third season. SPOILERS. Peter and Matt take a night off to celebrate Anton's recovery. Story 2.

Loss - Part Three
Rating: PG-13 (m/m).

Matt is devastated by the death of his ex-wife in the third season episode, "The Kiss," and the situation impacts on his relationship with Peter. Story 3.

Aftermath - Part Four
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

Matt seeks comfort in Peter's arms after the terrifying events of the episode, "Absolution."


Accidents Happen
Rating: PG-13.

A short story written in response to a mailing list challenge: the story must contain two Due South characters, ice, peanuts, something sticky, and a feather duster. :D

Changing Directions
Rating: PG-13.

This is a short vignette set at the end of the pilot episode. Note: There are pre-slash overtones.

Coming To Terms
Rating: PG-13 (m/m).

This is a short story set at the end of the episode, "Red, White or Blue". Lots of angst, a touch of romance.

Midnight Musings
Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

This is a short PWP which occurrs during Ray and Benny's first night together as lovers, use your imagination as to when that happens during the series. :)

Moving On
Rating: PG-13.

This is a short vignette set at the end of the episode, "Juliet is Bleeding". Note: There are pre-slash overtones.


Rating: G.

A short story about finding acceptance among new friends in the midst of an alien holiday.

Rating: NC-17.

A three-part short story: "Making Choices", "In Memory Of" and "Home". Daniel struggles with his grief as a consequence of Shau're's death, at the same time coming to accept Jack's love.

Rating: PG-13

Late 3rd season, misc. spoilers. Daniel thinks about the changes in himself and his relationship with Jack.

Givin' Up
Rating: NC-17.

A short PWP (J/D) set immediately following the episode "Hathor" with some spoilers for that episode.

Rating: NC-17.

Stargate Command personnel are suddenly behaving very strangely...(Slash, J/D)

Beyond Impulse
Rating: NC-17.

Dealing with the aftermath of the events in "Impulse"...(Slash, J/D)

In Our Own Backyard
Rating: PG-13 (pre-slash)

Daniel Jackson takes on his first command, leading an SGC team to investigate an archaeological dig site in Egypt. Some angst. A close, pre-slash Daniel/Jack relationship.

Price of Knowledge
Rating: NC-17.
Parts 1-5 | Parts 6-10 | Parts 11-15 | Parts 16-20 | Parts 21-25 | Parts 26-30 | Parts 31-35 | Parts 36-40 | Parts 41-45 | Parts 45-50 | Parts 51-55 | Parts 56-60 | Parts 61-65 | Parts 66-70 | Parts 71-75 | Epilogue |

Complete as of 9/2/99. Co-written with Graculus. A "what if" romantic adventure story that modifies the end of the episode, "The Torment of Tantulus." What if Jack and Daniel hadn't made it back through the Stargatge? What if they were, instead, stranded alone on an alien planet without a Stargate and thus no apparent hope of rescue? This story is written in an unusual manner - I write Jack's parts and Graculus writes Daniel's parts - each POV following and overlapping with each other. It starts with Jack, then Daniel, then Jack and so on. This is a long, complex story with lots of action and plenty of romance between Jack and Daniel.

Rating: NC-17
Parts 1-5 | Parts 6-10 | Parts 11-15 | Parts16-20 | Parts21-25 | Parts26-30 |

Sequel to "Price of Knowledge." In progress and will be posted here in sections of five parts just like the previous story. Reading PofK first is strongly recommended.

Sensual Enhancement
Rating: NC-17

Spoilers for the episode "Urgo." Urgo pushes Jack and Daniel to try out a new experience.

Without Words
Rating: PG-13

After a difficult mission, Jack seeks to comfort both Daniel and himself; not episode-based.

A Little Chat
Rating: PG-13, slash.

Daniel makes a decision and tells Jack.

Last Dance - "The Watcher"
Rating: NC-17 (slash)

This is a rewrite of the ending of James Spader's movie, "The Watcher" co-starring Keanu Reeves, Spoilers!

SERIES: This Is Me

This Is Me - Part One
Rating: PG-13

Daniel helps Jack deal with his grief on the anniversary of his son's death.

Coming Clear - Part Two
Rating: PG-13

Second story in series. Jack and Daniel go to put flowers on Charlie's grave.

Coming Together - Part Three
Rating: NC-17 (slash)

Third story in series. Jack and Daniel are lost on an alien planet, separated from Sam and Teal'c.

Coming Home - Part Four
Rating: PG-13 (slash)

Fourth story in series. Sara asks Jack to go through Charlie's things and decide what he wants to keep. Daniel goes with him to Sara's house.

Who Are You - Part Five
Rating: PG-13 (slash)

Fifth story in series. Sara visits Daniel to ask him a question.

Coming To Terms - Part Six
Rating: PG-13 (slash)

Sixth story in series. Angry over Sara's confrontation with Daniel, Jack goes to see Sara.

This Is Us - Part Seven
Rating: NC-17 (slash)

Seventh and final story in series. Jack returns to Daniel.

Harsh Realm Fanfiction

Rating: PG-13 (preslash)

Hobbs' thoughts on a cold fall night in the wilderness of Harsh Realm.

Rating: NC-17 (slash)

Hobbs and Pinocchio take shelter in an abandoned cabin during winter.

First Wave FanFiction

Rating: PG-13

Immediately follows the episode "All About Eddie" and deals with the aftermath of those events.

Rating: NC-17

Somewhat of a sequel to Partners. Cade is terrified of losing Eddie; Eddie finds that he isn't scared of meeting Cade's need for reassurance.

Taking Care
Rating: NC-17

While investigating a new alien experiment, Cade becomes infected. Eddie takes care of him.

I Remember
Rating: NC-17

Cade remembers the events of "Taking Care."

Lost and Found
Rating: NC-17

Cade and Eddie find themselves the subject of a TV talk show and share a personal revelation as a result.

Rating: PG-13

Rescuing an arrested Cade forces Eddie to consider desperate actions.

Stories in Fanzines

Rating: NC-17 (m/m).

Law and Order Fic."Missing scene" from the episode "Confession." Ben tries to cope with a grief-stricken and very angry Mike Logan, only to be drawn into a firestorm of emotion. Story is published in the fanzine, "Law and Ardor." See Closet Spaces, LTD Web Site for more information. Story will be available online as of August 1, 2000.

Learning...and Growing
Rating: PG-13, slash.

Sentinel Fic. A two-part story; one part from Blair's point of view, the second from Jim's. Set immediately after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg." Jim and Blair both have a lot to think about as Blair undergoes the process of changing careers. Published in "Come to Your Senses" Volume 18 from Mysti Frank - Agent With Style. Will be available online as of June 1, 2001..

Rating: PG-13, slash.

Stargate Fic. Story to be published in a zine by Zoe Rayne. More info to come; zine should be out summer 2000.

A Little Chat
Rating: PG-13, slash.

Stargate Fic. Story submitted to a zine publisher. More info to come.


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