2. Double it to find the center then tie an
      overhand knot 12" from the center.
5.  With one of the two long ends of
            the cord tie an overhand knot AROUND
                 the other one. Then tie an overhand knot
     with it around the cord that was
                previously knotted. Each rope is to have
                  a knot tied in it and each rope is running
          through the knot of the other rope.
ALL other knots in this halter
will be this same knot.!!!!!!!!!
             6. You will note that you now have one
                 long piece of rope and a short one.
                 With the LONG ONE tie an overhand
                 knot 6" from the throat latch knot
                 then make a loop of suitable size
                 and tie an overhand knot around
                 the rope and thread the rope through
                 the previous knot tied.
                 It is critical that this knot
                 be on the loop side of the two ropes.
             7. Thread this rope (still the long one)
                 through the knot on the left side of
                 the bosal and tie a knot. Then through the
                 right side bosal knot and tie an overhand
             8. The last knot you will tie will be
                 the same double overhand knot and
                 the measurements will be the same
                 that are on the left side of the
             You can make these halters out of anything
              you can get so long as it is braded or plated.
           The prettiest one I ever saw was made out
         of braided rawhide.
            When I was wrangling dudes in Colorado in
             1987 I made one out of natural hay twine that
               I had braIded and sold it to a dude for $50.00.
               Pat Parelli uses yacht cord and that is likely
          the best but I have not been able to find
          it at anywhere a reasonable price.
             I just use rope that I buy at WalMart and it
              costs $5.50 for 100'. That makes your halter
           cost you $1.10 each plus the cost of a
           trip to the Psyke. Ward for the break
             down you had trying to learn how to tie it.
Ya'll come back now !

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