The Club
Model Yachting in the Royal Parks reaches back to 1827 at which time boats were sailing on the reservoir in Green Park. In 1834 the pond was altered and surrounded by railings and the model yachtsman moved to the Serpentine in Hyde Park.
In 1838 the Serpentine Sailing Society and in 1845 the first London Model Yacht Club was established.

This club ceased to exist in the 1850s as members took to sailing larger boats on the Thames. Then in 1872 the Serpentine Model Yacht Club was formed. The membership was limited to 20 because of the size of its boathouse. Following intercession by The Prince of Wales a larger boathouse was soon built with frontage directly on to the Serpentine.

Then in 1876 the Model Yacht Sailing Association (MYSA) was formed, sailing on the Round Pond. The London Model Yacht Club (LMYC) was established in 1884 also sailing on the Round Pond. One more club shared this sailing water in 1884, which was the George.

In 1887 LMYC was able to get two boathouses built in Kensington Gardens fronting on to Perks Field, one of which was leased to MYSA.

After sailing on the Round Pond for almost 100 years, the two clubs amalgamated in 1972. Sadly the two old boathouses were demolished in 1987 and replaced the next year by a smaller boathouse to the north of Perks Field.

The club has stood the test of time and celebrated its 125 years jubilee in 2001.

(Last update 12.12.2003)