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Last Updated Sat Feb, 10 2007,08:00 am--Mogadishu Somalia
Somalia’s army commander sacked as new ambassadors are appointed

Aweys Osman Yusuf
Mogadishu 10, Feb.07 ( Sh.M.Network)
-As part of his government reshuffle, Somali Prime Minister, Ali Mohammed Gedi, sacked the country’s army commander-in-chief, Ismail Qasim Naji, appointing new ambassadors for broad.

In a meeting chaired by the premier Gedi, Abdulahi Ali Omar was appointed as the new army commander-in-chief, while the sacked General Naji was appointed as the Somali ambassador to Oman. Mohammed Ali America was appointed as the Somali ambassador to Kenya, Hassan Mohammed Siad Barre as the Somali ambassador to Yemen and Muse Hirsi Fahiye as the Somali ambassador to Djibouti.

The appointment decree issued by the prime minister was submitted to the Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf for approval.

Meanwhile Madobe Nunow Mohammed, the information minister, has told the press that the Somali government has called on the international aid agencies to dispatch an immediate medical aid and other necessary tools to curb the outbreak of cholera in central and southern provinces of the country.

Gedi reshuffled his cabinet ministers last weekend, firing three of his ministers and nominating fresh ones.

Despite the reformation of the interim government, insecurity has become a widespread problem for the anarchic society in the Horn of Africa.

On Friday, a demonstration organized by a group of ten men wearing turban on their faces, took place on the northern suburb of the capital. The men called themselves “The Somali People’s Resistance Movement” claimed they were responsible for the series of nightly mortar attacks against the Ethiopian and government military bases in the capital, threatening they would continue until all Ethiopians leave Somalia.

A man disguised himself, who gave his name as Abdirizak, delivered a speech to several hundred demonstrators, warning that the countries intending to send peacekeepers to Somalia should fathom the series of rocket and mortar attacks against the Ethiopians in the country as a message. “If Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Malawi send troops to Somalia, they must know that here will be their graveyard,” he shouted.

Kenyan, Ugandan and American flags were set on blaze in the demonstration.


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