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Of all the passionate, soul-baring young guitar bands slogged together under the emo heading, Thursday are among the darkest and most powerful, and their fourth album brims over with all the jagged guitars and bad thoughts a bunch of suburban New Jersey kids can muster. Singer Geoff Rickly voices a cavalcade of complaints in his full-bodied, agitated wail, but despite the title, War All the Time doesn't reflect the band's political sentiments so much as Rickly's dim view of personal relationships ("The distance between us will rupture/In our hearts the disease won't touch us"). If Thursday want to hit it big, they'll need to develop their melodic side, but with War All the Time, they've produced an album that's desperate and intense enough to resonate outside their corner of the underground.

(RS 932, October 2, 2003)

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AntennasToHeaven writes:

5of 5 Stars

Christ, do I hate emo music. Why, you ask? Because all the other bands that are described as emo are terrible, and they sound nothing like Thursday, who are also described as emo. Odd, no? I love the lyrics on this album, and it has great music and mood, something none of the top-ten bands today can muster. And, despite what the review states, there is a bit of politics on this album. By far my favorite Thursday album.

Apr 7, 2007 16:07:23

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TheNothing writes:

5of 5 Stars

After listening to A City By The Light Divided, I have realized how good this cd works with that. War is the ying to City's yang. While War is dark and brutal, City bring a hope that is somewhat new to Thursday. I think this cd is one of my favorites by Thursday, while it does sound a little forced (like Juliana Theory's Love) some of the best stuff is on this cd. I read the review for City and it complains that Thursday has skipped the screaming for more singing; at the same time, this review says that Thursday should chill on the screaming and develop more melodic sounds. While this cd was not an instant pleasure for me, it does click after a while (for me it took just under a year)

Nov 13, 2006 17:08:38

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