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Contemporary Afghan Farsi Poetry

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Khalillulaah Khalili

Salaam !

Here you will find some Farsi/Dari poems by contemporary Afghan poets. Some of these contemporary poems are not easily accessible in print. Thus, the motivation behind creating this collection is to make a sample of these works available to the interested readers. All poems on this page are typeset using the LaTeX based package, ArabTeX.

In the course of time, I hope to add more poems and improve the quality of this selection. Your suggestions and contributions are welcome. You can visit my homepage , or send me your comments (I may not be able to send you a prompt reply, but finally I will).

Sayed Fawad Hassan

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Khalilullaah Khalili : (photo and more info)

Wasef Bakhtari : Muhammad Karim Shaiwan : Ghulam Ahmad Naweed : (photo and more info) Muhammad Ibrahim Safaa : Zia Qarizaada : Aasef Fekrat : Barat`ali Feda-ee : Daoud Sarmad : Wali Ahmad Shaker : (Shaker's Dari weblog and more poems ) Qahaar `Aasi : ( more info ) Sham`riez : Ghulam Nabi Ashqari : (photo and more info) Sulaiman Laayeq : Mir `Abdulqaader Abhar : `Abduljabar Tawakul Herawi : Shabgir Pouladian : (photo and more info) Mohammad Hashim Rayek : `Abdulhadi Dawi : Sayed Ismaa`il Balkhi : Sarshaar Shamaali : `Alishah Ahmadi `Obaab : Mohammad Sharif Naseem : Fatemah Akhtar : Ghulam Nabi Khater : Bismillah Nazhat : `Abdul Samay Hamed : ( More , Interview (Jan 2004, Kabul) Abdur Rahman Pazhwak : Mohammad Razeq Faani : Mohammad Akbar Sana : Mastourah Afghan : Kawah Ahang "Shafaq" : Muhammad Taher Suri "Salek" : Abul-Qasem Ghazanfar : Laila Serahat Rawshani : Mohammad Karim Nazihi (Jelwah) : Khalilullah Nazem Bakhtari :

More to come.............

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