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Yes, this site has moved. I ran out of room at the last and instead of splitting the last page I moved everything here. . . Hopefully you'll enjoy this one more. ENJOY!!!

The First Series are Known as the "Fates Wrath Saga":

Fates Wrath I: Peace, Be Still 1-5
Fates Wrath I: Peace, Be Still 6-10
Fates Wrath I: Peace, Be Still 11-16

Fates Wrath II: The Judgment of Fate 1-7
Fates Wrath II: TheJudgment of Fate 8-15

Fates Wrath III: When Love Be Done 1-8
Fates Wrath III: When Love Be Done 9-15


This is a new series known as the "Legend Series". . . .

The Legend of Change
Building a Legend
Fallen Legends
The Dying Legend
A Legend to Believe In
Parting Legends
Legends Live, Legends of Truth
Her Legend
His Legend

Bite your nails no longer! Here is the sequel you have all been asking for! Enjoy it! It's long!
A New Legend

The "Maybe Tomorrow" Series. . .

Maybe Tomorrow
There Is No Tomorrow
Decisions for Tomorrow
Promises for Tomorrow
Let There Be No Tomorrow
Dont Questions Tomorrow
Here Today Gone Tomorrow


The "Day After Series". . . This series follows the "Maybe Tomorrow". . .

I Call You by Name
Secret Betrayels
Inferno, My Passion

These Stories are known as the "Goodbye" Duo. . .They are tear jerkers so get the tissues handy. . .

The Strength Of Believing

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Misc Stories. . .

And Then The Pain Was Gone
I Will Never Be the Same
The Field of Buried Memories

I started "Family Ties: The Men of Conspiracy" in the middle of the third season and finished close to the end of the fourth. I started it trying to follow CC mythology, but so much happened and my story kept changing. . .so this story takes place in an alternate universe from the one CC created. . .the characters are the same, only I took my own ideas from a certain point to make it more interesting.

Family Ties: The Men of Conspiracy Fact Sheet
Family Ties: The Men of Conspiracy 1-7
Family Ties: The Men of Conspiracy 8-15
Family Ties: The Men of Conspiracy 16-23
Family Ties: The Men of Conspiracy 24-30


The Site below has been added to keep you informed on any changes that will be made and any new stories to come.

Coming Soon

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ANNOUNCMENT: The site below is a site that I have been working on for a long time. I received hundereds of Suggestions for this site but the page got erased and I can't find my back up files. CHECK OUT the page and see what its all about and if you want to help just send your ideas/suggestions/story beginnings or endings to me. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
If You have already sent me a suggestion or story part could you resend it. THANKS!

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