The twins were transported back through time today, to Day 2 of their Big Brother Experience - and asked to make a very tough choice.

After travelling through the space-time continuum in the Diary Room time machine, accompanied by some very funky music, Big Brother played the twins a recording of themselves from Day 2: "We're just wondering if we're counted as one or two. Like, one vote, or two votes? Everybody keeps asking and we just don't actually know! So if we don't know now, would we know soon? It's confusing me."

The present-day twins laughed, listening to themselves. "I don't even know who's who!" they giggled.

"Amanda and Sam, you have just asked Big Brother whether you'd like to be treated as one housemate or two," Big Brother boomed. "Big Brother would like that decision to be yours. However, you must make your decision wisely, as both decisions come at a cost."

Big Brother then revealed that if the twins decided to be treated as one housemate, they would nominate together, be evicted together, and share winner status and money, should they win. But they would definitely face the public vote next week as one housemate.

However, if the twins decided to be treated as separate housemates, they would nominate individually, be evicted individually, and if either of them win, they would have their own winner's status and money. In a twist, the twins would have to choose one of them to face the public vote next week.

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"Oh my God, this is evil!" the twins squealed, whispering for a while before agreeing, "100 per cent we do, don't we? Of course!"

Sam explained their thoughts in the Diary Room: "Big Brother, this is a bit obvious, because obviously we'd prefer to go up for nomination together than we would separate. I would never vote for her to go up for nomination, and she would never vote for me to go up for nomination, but even miss out that, we'd prefer to be as one anyway."

"I know!" exclaimed Amanda.

"I love it!" they yelled, squealing.

"Oh, this is so good! Please tell us this isn't a joke? We want it to be for real!" Amanda cried.

"Amanda, Big Brother is not joking," Big Bro confirmed solemnly.

'Cause tonight is the night when two become one...