The goals

The goals shall be placed in the middle of each goal line. They shall consist of two upright posts equidistant from each corner and joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar.

The distance (inside measurement) between the posts shall be 3 m and the distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground shall be 2 m.

The goalposts and the crossbar shall have the same width and depth, 8 cm. The goal lines shall be the same width as the goalposts and the crossbar. Nets, made of hemp, jute or nylon, shall be attached to the back of the goalposts and crossbar. The lower part of the nets shall be attached to curved tubing or another suitable means of support.

The depth of the goal, i.e. the distance between the inside edge of the goalposts and the back of the net, shall be at least 80 cm at the top and 100 cm at ground level.

The goals shall have a stabilising system that prevents them from overturning. Portable goals may be used provided that they are as stable as normal goals.
Surface of the pitch

The surface shall be fl at, smooth and non-abrasive. The use of wood or artifi cial material is recommended. Concrete or tarmac should be avoided.
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