Press Information
31 Oct. 2007

Japan Le Mans Challenge series come to close

I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation for everybody’s support and cooperation against Japan Le Mans Challenge. Past 27-28 of November, 2007 series of round 4 was taken place at Okayama International circuit completing not only this series but also Japan Le Mans Challenge whole 2-year-series.

It is very regrettable we got the time to quit this series in such a short period of time which aimed for establishing the worldwide category with the concept “Road to Le Mans” from last year. I profoundly apologize to the fans, entrants, sponsors and related people supporting us.

Our goal and challenge of expressing the motorsport as a culture had no other choice to conclude without archiving destination. However the heart longing for Le Mans 24 hours still remain amongst sports race car funs. Moreover, the keen interest and anticipation of ACO for the Japan and Asia also unchanged.
I believe the new “Road to Le Mans” arises before our very eyes due to the significant power can make these possibilities come true in near future.

Finally, I kindly express my deep gratitude to the related people performed many service for this series. Once Again, I really appreciate to all of you for these 2 years

Eiji Uzushiri
Representative administration officer
Sports Car Endurance Race Operation