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November 15, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: "Mad Men" Picket for WGA Writer's Strike

Filed under: Mad Men , Rich Sommer , SocialiteLife.TV , Strike , Video , Vincent Kartheiser , WGA , exclusive , writers strike

You guys know that we've been all about promoting AMC's original series, "Mad Men" here on A Socialite's Life, so imagine my joy when I turned around and ran into two stars from the cable series, Rich Sommer and Vincent Kartheiser. I was even more surprised at how much fun these guys were having standing in the sun with their picket signs, cheerfully promoting their cause.

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November 14, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Cryer Wants You To Send Pencils

Filed under: Jon Cryer , SocialiteLife.TV , Two and a Half Men , Video , WGA , writers strike

Duckie's on strike! OK not really, but he is in full support of the WGA Writers Strike. Even turning down an appearance on Ellen! We caught up with Jon Cryer while he took a break from picketing and grabbed a little shade in front of Universal Studios in Hollywood. Jon speaks on the status of his show, why the strike is important and what you as fans can do to help.

More WGA Strike Interviews: Jay Leno & Julia Loius-Dreyfus, and Kathy Griffin with Sarah & Laura Silverman.

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Jay Leno & Julia Louis-Dreyfus Supporting the WGA Writers Strike

Filed under: Jay Leno , Julia Louis-Dreyfus , SocialiteLife.TV , The Tonight Show , Video , WGA , writers strike

Be sure to check out our interview with Kathy Griffin and the Silverman sisters (Sarah & Laura). It's on YouTube too.

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November 13, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Griffin With Sarah & Laura Silverman Supporting WGA Strike

Filed under: Exclusives , Laura Silverman , Sarah Silverman , SocialiteLife.TV , Video , writers strike

View more exclusive celebrity interviews at SocialiteLife.TV

On actors day today of the WGA strike, many famous faces showed up to provide support to the writers striking outside of the various studios in Hollywood. ASL stopped by to chat with Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin and Laura Silverman to get their take on the strike and what they'd like you to know about it. Also, at the very beginning, when Lisa appears extremely awkward, it's because Sarah Silverman totally touched her boob, when helpfully removing a stray hair that had drifted from Lisa's head to her chest. It was a triumph for everyone today--the writers, actors and Lisa's boobs.

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