This is the OFFICIAL site dedicated to the 2 TIME, 2 TIME, 2TIME Apocalypse Wrestling Federation champion......the monkee killer....NUMBER 334 IN THIS YEARS PWI 500!!...And newest USA Championship Wrestling....STAR!!
Since "The Dukes Of Hazzard" Movie is now out, be sure to pick it up, and check out The All Knighters!! In the Extras look for Deleted Scenes, and You can Find Joey in Scene 116/17!!
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All Knighters and J-Man in new Dukes of Hazzard Movie!!
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See why Joey Knight and Phoenix tangled with WWE's Hurricane and Mighty Molly!!!!!
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Joey Knight Factoid :

Joey is one of the most over-qualified professional wrestlers in the world.  Having trained at the Hart Family Dungeon, With Ron Huchisson(trainer of Edge/Christian) The training he did in England and now in Ohio Valley Wrestling.