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Since the second issue onwards our magazine contains - a bootable distribution containing all the tools and materials needed for practising methods and techniques described in our articles.

Partners is where you can find all the information you need about the latest live security distributions.

The list of current packages on is available here.

If you think we should add something else – email us.


Version 3.1.2-aur

  • hakin9 is now based on Aurox 12.0
  • updated security tools
  • kde 3.5.5
  • kernel 2.6.17
  • Aurox Installer
  • MadWifi Drivers
  • NTFS Support
  • Orphcrack

Login/password for h9l in issue 4/2005
A mischevious troll has locked our distro published in issue 4/2005 with a password. The troll has been punished, but for unlocking the magic door you need to use the root login with password "root".
Our sincere apologies.

Download 3.1.2-aur from:

Wavenet (main mirror)
Warsaw, Poland
4 Mbit

Technical University of Vienna
Wienna, Austria
1 Gbit to VIX, limit 10 Mbps

TU Dresden
Dresden, Germany
1 Gbit

TU Braunschweig
Braunschweig, Germany
1 Gbit

Lublin University of Technology
Lublin, Poland
1 Gbit, about 60 Mbps in practise

Pedagogical University of Cracow
Cracow, Poland
For a mirror 15 user - each per 50KBps

Skawina, Poland
1 Mbps

owned by Tobias Heister
located in Köln (Cologne Germany)
line: 100Mbit

owned by Markus Beschoner
Köln (Cologne), Germany

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  • receive a subscription in return
Read the document below carefully and follow the instructions.

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