Princess Beatrice (1857-1944)
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Princess Beatrice



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  full name:   Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodora
  birth: 1857.04.14 at Buckingham Palace, London, England
  father:   Prince Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel, The Prince Consort
  mother:   Queen Victoria
  marriage: 1885.07.23 Prince Henry of Battenberg
at Whippingham, Isle of Wight
  children: 1886 Prince Alexander of Battenberg (Marquess of Carisbrooke)
  1887 Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg (Queen Ena of Spain)
  1889 Prince Leopold of Battenberg
    1891 Prince Maurice of Battenberg
  death: 1944.10.26 at Brantridge Park, Balcombe, Sussex
(bur.: Battenberg Chapel, Whippingham Church, Isle of Wight)
  Titles, Orders and Awards
  1857.04.14 Princess of Great Britain and Ireland; Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; Duchess of Saxony , with the style of Her Royal Highness (H.R.H. The Princess Beatrice)
  1885.07.23 H.R.H. Princess Henry of Battenberg
  1917.07.14 relinquished all her German styles and titles (H.R.H. Princess Beatrice)
  British Empire/Commonwealth Orders and Awards:
  1874.01.09 VA 1st class
  1878.01.01 CI
  1885.05.24 RRC
  1904.02.10 King Edward VII Royal Family Order, 2nd class
  1911.06.03 King George V Royal Family Order, 2nd class
  1919.01.01 GBE (civ)
  1926.06.12 GCStJ
  1937.05.11 GCVO
  Foreign Orders and Awards:
  1874 Grand Cross, the Order of St Catherine (Russia)
  1889.05.27 Lady, the Order of the Noble Ladies of Queen Maria Luisa (Spain)
   Honorary Military Appointments
1896 Captain-General and Governor of the Isle of Wight
1896 Governor of Carisbroke Castle
1937.05.11 Honorary Colonel, The Princess Beatrice's (Isle of Wight Rifles) Heavy Regiment, RA [on the occasion of her engagement?]
   Military Service
   Other Military Connections
1885.08.22 gave her name to 5th (Isle of Wight, Princess Beatrice's) Volunteer Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment [later Hon. Colonel]
  President, The League of Remembrance