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Top What is buffer underrun error? You can depend on JustLink!
Principle of operation Drive with the JustLink function
JustLink Recording Quality High Quality Link Section
Link Section Replay Waveform LSI with the JustLink function

High Quality Link Section

With JustLink recording, the gap between successive data writes is extremely small (less than 2 µm at 12x spped). This is achieved by using very high-definition link processing. Naturally, there is no affect on data after error correction (C1 correction, C2 correction), because with a gap of less than 2 microns even increases in error rate before error correction processing are negligible.

Assuming that writing speed will increase in the future, buffer underrun error prevention technologies will become indispensable. With a 24 x writing speed for instance, JustLink would leave a patch of only 4 microns, well within the margin for error. This means JustLink has the scope and flexibility to cope with any future writing speed.

The link section from RICOH JustLink, being extremely small at less than 2 µm, doesn't affect reading quality.

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