Haze makes way for bright future

Marian Keyes is self-declared alcoholic. She is also one of the most exciting newcomers to the hit best-seller lists and I, for one, would be surprised if she ever needed another drink.

Her only addiction now is writing... and chocolate. With 17 weeks on the best-seller list in Ireland and the honour of becoming the WH Smith Fresh Talent Choice for 1996, she has every reason to be confident.

All this, coupled with a 425,000 four-book contract with Heinemann, should also enable her to turn her back on the Black Dog depression that has made her life a misery in the past and resulted in a long, long fight against the bottle.

Almost apologetic about her success, she was in Cambridge during her first publicity tour and there was no sign of the novelty wearing off when I met her for lunch.

Petitie and with stunning long dark hair, Marion is on a high, referring to her well-earned success as a fairytale.

Throughout all her troubles, writing has been a constant joy and she has at least been able to use her miserable experience in her fiction, looking at both alcohol and cocaine addiction.

She describes Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married as a sideways sequel to Watermelon, and it is written in the first person. Once again it is very much about real people.

Publication: Cambridge Evening News (UK) Date: 01/03/1997