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Living Landmarks - a 21st Century vision ~ Sutherland Hussey Architects

‘The Lump and The Line’ is an inspired concept of how Portree’s famous Thomas Telford Harbour might appear courtesy of architects, Sutherland Hussey. The dynamics of the proposal eases 21st. Century regeneration out of a Georgian infrastructure enlivening Portree, the heart of Skye. The bold ‘New Gathering’ buildings are a home to the world ‘Skye Diaspora Event’ and a contemporary visual Arts Centre. Solar energy, marine and wind forces make the new development self-sufficient.

This visionary Waterfront development comprises a number of key elements or 'scapes'. Click on the headings below to see more details.

Design Ambitions (& Plan)
The Resolution
- Skye scape
- Sea scape
- Bird scape
- Light scape
- Land scape
Design Technology
- Renewable Energy Harnessing Utility
- Ducted Wind Turbine
- Solar Energy

'The Lump and The Line'

The Lump is an affectionate term for the big brooding headland which shelters the harbour of Portree it is a powerful and elemental geological form that plunges almost vertically into the sea, providing a magnificent platform for the Skye Highland Games arena, This is set against the Line of the Cuillin Mountains to the South forming a backdrop of unparalleled beauty.

This is a project, which has to balance in harmony with the natural environment the following: -

    The needs of the community
  • Long term economic sustainability
  • An extended harbour
  • A harbour access loop road
  • Cruise boat terminal
  • Lifeboat station
  • Extended use of events arena
  • Traffic management & parking strategy
    The needs of the visitor and wider constituency:
  • Environmental sustainability
  • A beautiful landscape setting
  • The sacred image of Portree from the sea
  • The pilgrimage of the Diaspora
  • Interpretation of the landscape the town and its historical and social context
  • Highest quality visitor route and experience