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This Edition of the Galactic Phrasebook is provided to give a sampling of the Klingon, Klinzhai (Klingon variant) and Vulcan languages, for the aspiring student of the known Galactic tongues.
Choices of tlhIngan Hol entries were based on my findings of what people requested on my original Internet Klingon page. Please let me know what phrases you'd like to see!
NOTE: references marked

'ankh ''the'' war (Spock's World pp254),great war [vulc.]
a'kweth the hidden [Spock's World pp94] [vulc.]
a'Tha 'immanence' direct experience of the being or force responsible for the creation and maintenance of the universe. Apparently all Vulcans possess this. (Spock's World) [vulc.]
a: yes [vulc.]
adun life partner (m) [vulc.]
aduna life partner (f) [vulc.]
ah'hrak the forge (Old Vulcan) one of the designations for the World. [vulc.]
ahn weapon [vulc.]
ahn'woon a particular Vulcan weapon. [vulc.]
ang and [vulc.]
ar 0.2 / two tenths [vulc.]
arie emotion [vulc.]
arie'mnu mastery of passion and emotion. [vulc.]
ashv'cezh revenge (lit. revenge-worse-than-death) [vulc.]
at 0.7 / seven tenths [vulc.]
atsk big [vulc.]
azh or [vulc.]
brax fast/suddenly [vulc.]
c'thia logic',reality-truth,the way things are. [vulc.]
Cha' game of the word - also Sim're At cha = masters game (DITC) [vulc.]
chakh' plant; its dried strings were used for weaving nets [Spock's World pp127] [vulc.]
d'mallu omnivorous plant [vulc.]
dopra announce (action-word) [vulc.]
droy answer (action-word) [vulc.]
er 0.4 / four tenths [vulc.]
eschak destructive psychokinetic effects (STN44) [vulc.]
et 0.9 / nine tenths [vulc.]
fal-tor-pan refusion of body and 'katra' (ST3) [vulc.]
falikal to begin [vulc.]
formaji sand [vulc.]
ha'meth Vulcan herb [vulc.]
heya mountain (derived from the first high mountain seen by The Wanderer as a ''cry of surprise and delight'' [pp 97] [vulc.]
i' zero [vulc.]
imroy walk (action-word) [vulc.]
ir 0.1 / one tenth [vulc.]
it 0.6 / six tenths [vulc.]
itsk small [vulc.]
iw'at his (male,visible,prox.) [vulc.]
iwl'at hers (female,visible prox) [vulc.]
k'rawhl abdomenal region (Jap. Hara) [vulc.]
k'teri clear [vulc.]
k'tlerie surface [vulc.]
k'tmneri reflects [vulc.]
Ka'athyra Stringed musical intrument [vulc.]
kahr-y-tan the way of the Vulcan [vulc.]
kahs'khiori shooting-star [vulc.]
kahs'wan test of passage to adult hood,ordeal of Maturity [vulc.]
kaiidth What is - is'' (from kya - to exist) [vulc.]
kapra calculate [vulc.]
katra essential essence of person (ST3) inner consciousness (the soul). There are exercises to consciously strengthen and ground the katra against dissolution. [vulc.]
kh'liorah light [vulc.]
khiori star [vulc.]
khostri race [vulc.]
khu verb} to watch (cf. T'Khut female name for the noun ''Watcher'' - the planet accompanying Vulcan [Spock's World pp 55]. [vulc.]
kitopila goal [vulc.]
kreyla Vulcan biscuits (STN 12) [vulc.]
kro'el the way [vulc.]
kroykah stop! (TOS ''Amok Time'') [vulc.]
krup blue [vulc.]
kumi awake [vulc.]
kunat kalifee mating or challenge (TOS ''Amok Time'') [vulc.]
kya to exist [vulc.]
Kya'shin teaching of Thought over Emotion [vulc.]
kyani not to exist [vulc.]
lahso advise [vulc.]
lailara harmony [vulc.]
lanka'gar night-flier (bird of prey) [vulc.]
lasha precious stone [vulc.]
le'matya omnivorous Vulcan animal,has poisonous claws and diamant-shaped markings. [vulc.]
leshriq kneeling position (Jap. Seiza) [vulc.]
lhm'ta Vulcan herb [vulc.]
losherok half-cross-legged position [vulc.]
loshiraq cross-legged lotus position [vulc.]
matoy die [vulc.]
mnu mastery [vulc.]
na'Tha'thhya passing-on. The investitute of one's self-that- has-been in 'katra' mode. [vulc.]
nailara universe [vulc.]
nakh unit of currency ? [pp 198] [vulc.]
nehou feeling,vibes. [vulc.]
ni'var duality of things,2 halves that make a unity. [vulc.]
niazh nor [vulc.]
nidroy ask [vulc.]
niorah dark [vulc.]
nirsh no [vulc.]
or 0.3 / three tenths [vulc.]
orkika ancestor [vulc.]
ot 0.8 / eight tenths [vulc.]
plak s'ran the blood killing'' a Vulcan disease - leukokupricytosis. Hemocyanin blood cells become deformed,blocking the flow of Oxygen. causing edema in the lungs. Genetically linked) [vulc.]
plak tow blood fever [during mating season](TOS ''Amok Time'') [vulc.]
plak blood [vulc.]
pon farr mating cycle (TOS ''Amok Time'') [vulc.]
porsen emotion [vulc.]
prala talk [vulc.]
Qir'lal a bening edible fruited thorned succulent root [vulc.]
qomi human [vulc.]
ra' two [vulc.]
ram yellow [vulc.]
ran kill (action word) [vulc.]
re' four [vulc.]
reldai female religious leader (Old Vul.) [vulc.]
ri' one [vulc.]
ri'agra one-point mindedness [vulc.]
ro' three [vulc.]
ru' five [vulc.]
s'at yours [vulc.]
S'harien Antique Vulcan sword. Named after ancient Vulca weaponsmith who crafted them. S'harien means Pierceblood'' (STN:The Romulan Way) [vulc.]
saya fruit-water [vulc.]
sbah red [vulc.]
senepa weapon with poisened tips [vulc.]
Shafor Eridian teak. used for the backboard of the Ka'athyra. [vulc.]
Shar city [vulc.]
shroy listen [vulc.]
sim're high masters (DITC) [vulc.]
skan family [vulc.]
smoni wait [vulc.]
spara eat [vulc.]
t'hy'la friend-lover-lifelong companion [vulc.]
t'kahr form of polite address. Meaning among others a teacher. [vulc.]
T'Sai lady e.g. T'Sai Amanda [vulc.]
ta' seven [vulc.]
ta'al The Vulcan hand-greeting [vulc.]
tal'shaya a quick painless breaking of the neck (STN12) [vulc.]
te' nine [vulc.]
Tela'at Elder [vulc.]
Teresh-Kah Silver bird-like vulcan animals. [vulc.]
tesmur prosper [vulc.]
th'at my (mine) [vulc.]
the'at our (exclusive) e.g. ''the;at katra'' - our katra (spoken by a Vulcan towards non-Vulcan) versus ''the'a'at Enterprise'' - our Enterprise (Spoken by Kirk to Spock aboard the ship). cf. also ''the'at orkike'' our ancestors. [vulc.]
the's'at our (inclusive) [vulc.]
ti' six [vulc.]
tich live [vulc.]
tikh native grain-bearing grass that is a Vulcan staple,growing in plain sand [vulc.]
to' eight [vulc.]
tor long [vulc.]
toriatal chalange to death (Old Vul.) [vulc.]
totsu nerve [vulc.]
totsu'k'hy Nerve pinch [vulc.]
tow fever [vulc.]
tri'hla Vulcan herb [vulc.]
tu' ten [vulc.]
tviokh derogatory term meaning neighbour used for a stranger (alien). [vulc.]
uks but [vulc.]
ur 0.5 / five tenths [vulc.]
viproy call [vulc.]
vrekasht exile/outcast (Old Vul.) [vulc.]
Wh'ltri simple Vulcan meditation technique [vulc.]

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