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Kimball Residents Stunned By Tornado Damage

November 15, 2007 - 2:07PM
By daybreak people who live in Kimball appeared shocked to see for themselves the damage left behind by the tornado that hit the small town Wednesday night.

Many saw televised reports with night time footage of the damage on NewsChannel 9 at 11 Wednesday night and on Good Morning Chattanooga Thursday.

"I think it's crazy, I mean devastating. Nothing's left," according to Whitney Layne, who came from Dunlap to see the damage.

Layne was at the end of General Roberts Lane, where three houses were destroyed by the tornado. Two of the houses were leveled to a pile of rubble - the third was twisted on it's foundation beyond repair.

In one of the houses, Jason and Kayla Boston were trying to hide in their bathroom from the storm when it hit. The house was lifted and then blown to pieces according to their relatives, who said the couple was thrown into their backyard.

The Boston's survived, but the family says Kayla is being treated for a fractured pelvis at Erlanger Medical Center while her husband Jason was treated for a large cut on his head.

"I don't know how they did it, I know God was with them," neighbor Diana Winters said.

The Kimball Baptist Church was also hard hit just moments after the congregation began it's Wednesday night services. Members heard the tornado warning and scrambled into a hallway for cover.

The storm ripped apart the roof and a wall, sending debris flying. Three children were taken to Grandview Medical Center for treatment of cuts from flying glass.

The National Weather Service confirms it was a tornado packing winds of about 130 miles per hour and is being classified as an EF-2 tornado. Twisters are ranked on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being minimal and five being the most catastrophic.

NWS Meteorologists said it was on the ground for about three minutes and traveled a 200-yard wide path for about two miles.

Many large trees were either uprooted or snapped in half by the winds that left debris scattered through many neighborhoods in town. Pieces of buildings, inlcuding concrete blocks, were also scattered about.

At Kimball Baptist Church several cars and SUV's were either flipped around or turned completly over onto their tops.

A building once used by the Kimball Fire Department that was most recently used to store ambulances and police equipment had it's roof torn apart, as did a next door building that's used to store public works equipment.

By mid-afternoon Thursday Highway 41 was closed so that crews could clean up the damage and repair utility lines near Kimball Baptist Church.


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