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Roller Coasters: Manufacturers: Fratelli Pinfari S.r.I.

Fratelli Pinfari S.r.I. is based in Montova, Italy.

Fratelli Pinfari was founded in the 1920s as a company which maintained bumper car rides. In the 1950s, they designed and built their first Roller Coaster, the Zyklon. On July 15th, 2004, Pinfari was formally liquidated due to September 11th, an economic crisis and weakness of the dollar.

I have been on a total of 62 coasters built by Fratelli Pinfari S.r.I.:

Statistics for Fratelli Pinfari S.r.I. coasters I have been on

Fastest: Tornado (45 mph)
Tallest: Tornado (79 ft)
Longest: Super 8 Bahn (2560 ft)
More than once: Bat Coaster, Crazy Train, Família Expressz, Infernal Toboggan, Jubilé, Looping Star, Megablitz, Mighty Mini Mega, Queen Bee, Roller Coaster, Shock Wave, Speed Loop, Storm, Super 8 Bahn, Tornado, Wild Cat (25%)
More than twice: Crazy Train, Mighty Mini Mega, Shock Wave, Speed Loop, Super 8 Bahn, Wild Cat (9%)

According to RCDB, Fratelli Pinfari S.r.I. has built 115 coasters. I have been on 62 of them (53%).