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From: bsanders ( [EMAIL REMOVED] )
Date: Aug 1, 1993
Subject: Can Dumb People Enjoy IDM, Too?

(bSANDERS threads the squiggling earthworm onto the brass hook at the end of
his nylon line) 

Is the porpoise of intelligent dance music to give self-presumed intellectuals
something to discuss?  Or is the purpose to elevate the appreciation levels of
the "proles on parade" (Buggles, 1980)  
Is intelligent dance music like animal crackers:  Education that fulfills a
basic food/sex/warmth drive simultaneously?  Or is it like staring at a Paul
Klee canvas, and trying to figure out what to marvel at.  I think it's like
the Paul Klee canvas, myself.  Especially F.U.S.E. (which I love, though I'm
not sure exactly why at times.)
[Note:  Paul Klee, to my knowledge, became famous for his extremely minimalistic
abstract paintings that drew attention to the process of painting.  Many of his
canvasses are simply large areas of color, completely DEVOid of detail.]

I wish I'd had an I.D.M. group twelve years ago in college. We didn't even have

I look forward to any responses.

Barry Sanders [EMAIL REMOVED] 

+Can Dumb People Enjoy IDM, Too? bsanders (08/01/93)

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