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July, 1907

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JULY 11, 1907

CARD OF THANKS--We take this method of expressing our heartfelt thanks to our relatives, friends, and Dr. E. L. RAWLS, who so patiently and tenderly cared for our darling little Ocie GARRETT during his sickness and death. Mr. & Mrs. George Willie SIMPSON.

TRADGEDY AT RIDGELEY--Ridgeley was the scene of a deplorable tragedy Monday when one of her popular and prominent citizens received a mortal wound at the hands of a desperate negro. It happened in the passenger coach of the Dyersburg Northern train. The negro had been decoying hands away from the farms of Rivers FOSTER and his father, J. T. FOSTER. This has been going on for some time and because the negro was remonstrated with it, he cecame threatening in his manner and it was reported that he had a "44" to back him up. When FOSTER learned this, he looked the negro up and found him on the train. He fired at him only once, striking him near the heart. The negro pulled his gun and shot at FOSTER three times, two shots shattered the right arm and the third penetrated the brain. After the smoke of battle had cleared away, the negro was able to get out of the car to the ground, where he fell dead. FOSTER was picked up and taken home and while death was expected, he is still alive, but little hope is held out for his recovery. He is a young man, 28 years, a leading merchant of the town, and owns extensive tracts of valuable land in Lake county. (The name of the negro was not given. )

YOUNG GIRL SUICIDES--Miss Tommie PATE, a popular young lady of Heloise, swallowed 102 grains of morphine with suicidal intent last Friday evening and died from the effect of the deadly poison at 5 o'clock that afternoon. A love affair which was broken off abruptly caused her to lose all desire to live. The young man in the case quarrelled with her last Thursdaty and left the country for parts unknown and this seem to crush her heart completely. Miss PATE was 18 years old and popular in her community. She has been for a year the faithful correspondent from Heloise for the State Gazette and her letters signed Pet were read all over the county.

TERSE TELEGRAMS--Willie RICHARDS and Ella BROCK, each aged 14, were married near Knoxville last week. The girl is in short dresses and Willie has just doned long trousers. The supreme court at Jackson confirmed the sentence of two negroes, Mose WALD, from Memphis and Warren WILLIAMS, from Tipton County, who were sentenced to hang August 2nd. The former shot and killed Frank DEERING, a timekeeper for the Anderson-Tully mills March 30th last, because WALD claimed he did not give him proper wages. WILLIAMS killed John W. BEEDLE, manager on the farm which he lived, May 26th last year. Sheeley D. CANTRELL drove to the home of his sweetheart, Julia LAWSON, in Chattannoga and proposed marriage. He was refused and in the presence of the woman fatally shot himself. Constable BENNETT, of Humboldt, shot and killed a negro who was resisting arrest. Ed ATKINS a prominent young man near Dresden dropped dead of heart disease while bathing in the Obion River.

REV. T. H. HALL DIES; FULTON, KY., JULY 4--Esq. J. T. FUTRELL today received a telephone message from Troy, Tenn., which announced the death of his father-in-law, Rev. T. H. HALL. Rev. HALL was found dead in his chair by little Rice FUTRELL, who was playing in his grandfather's room shortly after dark last night. Deceased was 65 years old, and one of the leading preachers of this section.

DEATH OF H. R. A. McCORKLE; NEWBERN TENNESSEAN--On Monday morning, July 1st, the spirit of H. R. A. McCORKLE was called from the tenement of clay to return to God, who gave it. When the sad news, "Uncle Hiram is dead, "was flashed across the wires, many hearts were saddened. Had Mr. McCORKLE lived until November 6, 1907, he would have reached the 80th millstone of life's journey. More than 50 years ago he accepted Christ as his Savior and was buried in baptism by Elder James HOLMES. On Tuesday morning, the funeral was held at the church where "Uncle Hiram's"seat was seldom vacant, conducted by Elder N. B. HARDEMAN. His body was then taken to the McCorkle Cemetery to Mother Earth. Three children, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren are left to mourn his loss.

HALLS' NOTES; HALLS' GRAPHIC--Mr. Bob HUBBARD, of Dyersburg, spent a few hours in the city Sunday, the guest of Mr. E. R. SUMROW. Mr. Jessie PURSELL, of Dyersburg, was Miss Sallie WHITE's guest Sunday.

THURSDAY, JULY 11, 1907--Mrs. Jas. T. HARRIS and children, of Newbern, are visiting Mrs. States MILLER this week. Mrs. M. V. PATILLA and daughter, Mrs. Jeff RHOADES, of Marked Tree, Ark., are visiting relatives in the city. J. E. BUTTERWORTH, of Jackson, and Mrs. E. W. BUTTERWORTH, of Nashville, are the guests of Miss Ophelia BUTTERWORTH. Mrs. Lizzie ROBERTSON and Miss Bessie ROBERTSON, of Owensboro, Ky., are guests of Mr. & Mrs. Jim McDONALD. Messrs. L. M. COTTON, Slicer PARR, Jim SCOTT, & F. M. BARTON are in Memphis attending the Gun Club meet. Miss Pat NICHOLS is spending the week with her grandmother, Mrs. LIGHT. W. J. JOHNSON, of Mayfield, Ky., was here Sunday. Mr. & Mrs. Chas. WEINBERG returned from DuQuion, Ill., Sunday and left for Wewonka, I. T. Tuesday. Thomas McAFEE, who was thrown from his wagon at Tigar Tail and suffered a serious concussion of the brain was placed in Dr. Watson's Sanitarium Saturday. While he is in a dangerous condition, efforts are being made to save his life. Chas. G. WATKINS left Thursday for Colorado Springs. T. A. JONES has recovered from a severe attack of appendisitis. John BAKER left Sunday for Memphis, where he expects to locate. Mrs. BAKER will follow later. Mrs. Peyton BORUM, of Blytheville, is visiting Mrs. John NIXON. Mrs. A. G. RUCKER is in Ashville, NC for an extended stay. Miss Ellie VAUGHN, of Witchita Falls, Texas is visiting her uncle, David BELL and other relatives in Dyer County. Jeff VAUGHN has severed his connection with the Arcadia Hotel in Dawson, and has returned home to recover from an attack of rheumatism. Chas. JOHNSON, 13-year-old son of Mr. & Mrs. E. K. JOHNSON, had the misfortune to break his leg just above the ankle, in the ocean wave swing at Beech Grove Park last Thursday. Mrs. R. L. SPICER and daughter, of Memphis, returned to her home last Sunday after a pleasant visit with her brother, R. L. McKNIGHT and John FIELDS' family. Col. BIRMINGHAM, principal of the Military at Jackson, Mo., and Robert L. CROWE, a nephew of Mr. Gus MEADOWS, spent Tuesday night in Dyersburg with Mr. MEADOWS. Mr. & Mrs. J. F. BIGGS left last week for an extended Western trip, including stops in Colo. & Calif.

BRUCEVILLE--Mrs. E. A. ROBERTSON visited her sister, Mrs. GENTRY, near Bonicord this week. Mrs. CHURCHMAN has returned from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. GENTRY. Tom LOVE has a very sick child at this writing. Ed JONES, formerly of this place and Edna LUCAS, of Chestnut Bluff, were married at Squire FITZHUGH's Friday evening. J. A. COFFMAN, of Friendship, was in the community this week. G. W. CHRISTMAN visited E. R. ROBERTSON, of near Mt. Pisgah Sunday. Henry TROUT spent the week at G. W. CHRISTMAN's home.

RoELLEN--School will open at this place next Monday under management of Misses Georgia ATKINS & Janie DAVIS. A little girl came to gladden the hearts of Mr. & Mrs. Bryon WELBORN last week. Don DAVIS happened to a very bad accident last week by being thrown from a horse, breaking his left arm. Mrs. VIA, of Fowkles, is visiting her sister, Mrs. KAISER, this week.

FINLEY--Mrs. RAWLS, Misses Eva WOODS, Clara & Lillian RAWLS returned last Tuesday from Washington. Mrs. James EDWARDS and daughter, Mary Lee, were the guests of Mrs. O. L. MARTIN at Henning last week. Mrs. Madie MOODY is visiting friends in Tiptonville this week. Miss Naomi PATE, of Heloise, was buried at Finley Saturday. Mrs. Joe PURCELL, of Dyersburg, was the guest of her sister, Mrs. John LITTLE last Wednesday. Mr. & Mrs. Neal LITTLE are the proud parents of a bright little girl.

MENGELWOOD--T. S. VADEN and wife are the proud parents of a fine baby girl.

FRIENDSHIP--Mrs. Sam DAVIS, and daughters, from Arizonia are on a visit to relatives. Tom AVERY has sold his interest in the machine shop here and has accepted a position as engineer with the Humboldt cotton mills.

TRIBUTE OF RESPECT--Whereas the Supreme Architect of the Universe has seen fit in His Wisdom to call from labor to refreshment, our brother, P. A. MISSKELLY, who died Ma 2nd, 1907. Bro. MISSKELLY was a good man, a good citizen and true Mason, therefore be it Resolved; that while bowing submissively to the will of an all wise Father, we sincerely mourn the loss of our brother, and in token of our sorrow, we wear the usual badge of mourning thirty days., etc. Geo. T. WEAKLEY; J. D. RICHARDSON; J. F. COOK; Committee.

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT--At the regular meeting of the Bill Dawson Camp 552 July 6th, 1907, the following Resolutions etc., for the most beloved Comrades: Dr. W. A. FOWKLES and Thomas F. LEDSINGER. Committee: J. M. LAUDERDALE, F. M. HAMBRICK & I. H. DAWSON.

W. H. TWILLA--who was convicted at the Oct. Term of the Circuit Court of Dyer County; 1901, for killing a railroad negro, upon the evidence of about ten accomplices and other evidence secured by a railroad detective, LEON. He was prosecuted by DRAPER & RICE, T. C. GORDON and the attorney general, and defended by W. H. WARD, W. S. COOVER and BULLOCK and TIMBERLAKE, and the case confirmed. TWILLA's attorney W. H. WARD, not being satisfied with the conviction, secured a very large petition, asking the Governor to grant the pardon. On Wednesday, July 3rd, W. H. WARD, Sheriff DAWSON and Deputy Sheriff R. H. COLLINS went to Nashville and secured from Gov. PATTERSON, an absolute pardon for TWILLA.

OCIE GARRETT SIMPSON--Death has been busy with his appointed work, he visits the rich, the poor, the happy, ot those who suffer the keenest pangs of this life, but years ago the mighty one came and took the sting away, and robbed the grave of its victory. In the home of George Willie SIMPSON last week, his first born was transplanted to the home where sorry is unknown. signed: A Relative.

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS--Mrs. Minnie PHILLIPS to C. M. POOR, land 6th district $150; Jeff RADFORD to Minnie PHILLIPS, land 6th dist $150; Jeff RADFORD to C. M. POOR, land 6th district $625; Earl HOBDAY to J. B. CRIBBS, land $30.


JULY 18, 1907

FROM HELOISE--Miss Naomi PATE, whose sad death occurred at this place last Friday, an account of which was published in the State Gazette, has cast a gloom over our community. The true facts in the case are as follows: Miss PATE took the deadly poison at 8 o'clock in the morning and died at noon the same day. She went to the store, got the medicine and came back to her brother's house, (Charles PATE), took the medicine, then laid down and called her neice, Miss HOLLINGSWORTH, of Nashville, and begged her to stay with her mother. Her neice asked her why she wanted her to make such a promise, and the reoly was that she was going to die. She said she had taken two bottles of morphine and wanted to die. Dr. J. L. HUEY was sent for at once and he worked faithfully with her till the end. It was a love affair, but all a mistake that they had quarreled. She had not seen or heard from him for three weeks. She was 18 years old. She leaves an aged mother and two brothers to mourn her sad death.

PISTOLS AND KNUCKS--Tom WALLER, a white man, was arrested in Dyersburg last Saturday by Sheriff DAWSON and Constable McGUIRE for carrying a pistol and brass knucks. He was tried before Squire Ed BAKER, who bound him over to the Circuit Court under a bond of $250 in each case. In default of bail, WALLER now languishes in the county jail.

FIRE MONDAY NIGHT--The old Billy BELL residence in the western portion of town, was entirely consumed by fire Monday night about 19. The building was the property of Dr. T. J. WALKER and occupied by R. W. SLAYTON. Mr. SLAYTON was not at home, and his wife and children narrowly escaped being burned to death. A feather bed and a dresser was all that was saved. Small insurance on funiture.

TERSE TELEGRAMS--Saturday, John S. STARK, a farmer of Robertson County, committed suicide by taking a 90 foot plunge from the south railing of the Cumberland River at Nashville. Arthur B. HURT, a patient jumped from a second-story window of St. Thomas' Hospital at Nashville, last Saturday and was instantly killed. He was cashier of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company in that city. A dispatch from Denver says:That the cause of medical science might be advanced and the conditions of thousands of suffering asthmatics might be improved, Dr. W. W. ROBINSON, a well-known physician and surgeon, yesterday gave up his life. Dr. ROBINSON, 36 years old, deliberately experimented upon himself in Loveland with a dose of anti-toxin, and as a result, a short time later, he was dead. Harry HALE, a Sergeant in the 17th U. S. Infty., stationed at Ft. McPherson, was arrested Friday, charged with the murder of J. E. DAVIS in Johnson City, Tenn., last December. It is alleged that the soldier's name is Roy HALE, a brother of Ack HALE, who is under arrest waiting trial for the murder of Miss Lillie DAVIS in a graveyard near Johnson City, Tenn.

Mrs. Mary E. REED--died at the residence of her son-in-law, Dr. Robt. L. MURPH, in this city last Wednesday, aged 54 years. Mrs. REED was a sister of Capt. Jas. T. BELL. The remains were laid to rest at McCullough's Chapel.

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS--S. G. LATTA et ux to Mengel Box Co. ; land 11th district $400, C. C. VERNON et al to Dyersburg Northern Railroad; land $630, W. H. BROWN and wife to W. H. TUCKER; land 13th district $500.

THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1907--Mrs. Chas. McLOUD, of Memphis, is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. B. MAXEY. George H. JONES of Laurel, Miss., an old Dyersurgian, is visiting W. H. LLOYD's family. Mrs. Geo. HENRY, of Memphis, is visiting J. W. HENRY's family south of town. George spent Sunday here. Miss Lizzie HOLLINGSWORTH, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Chas FOSTER, has returned to her home in Nashville. Rivers FOSTER, who was mortally wounded by a desperate negro on a Dyersburg Northern train last week, an account of which was published in this paper, died at his home in Ridgely last Friday. Misses Mamie & Lillie JONES, of Alma, Ark., are the guests of Mrs. J. M. MAUZEY. Bill LLOYD is having a real house party; his brother, M. H. LLOYD and daughter Miss Effie Ray, of Okolona, Miss. ; his sister-in-law, Mrs. Joe LLOYD, of Lyon, Miss. ; and his brother-in-law, G. H. JONES, of Laurel, Miss., are visiting him. E. L. HOPPER has severed his connection with the City Steam Laundry and leaves to-day for Jackson. Willie BURKS has gone to Pine Bluff, Ark., to keep books for the Imperial Wheel Co.

BRUCEVILLE--Mrs. M. J. DAVIS is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. CEARLY. Very sorry to hear of the death of Billy PARKER's wife. Calvin FITZHUGH is on the sick list this week.

FINLEY--Mr. & Mrs. Lester PATE of Dyersburg, are the guests of Mrs. Wash PATE. Mrs. Lucy McKNIGHT of Memphis, is the guest of Mrs. W. W. EDWARDS. Mrs. Rube RAWLS and daughter Kathleen, left Wednesday for Dawson Springs, Ky., to be gone several days. Miss Fannie KLYCE, of Dyersburg, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Sam FINLEY, this week. Willie ROUGH, who has been the guest of I. L. VIRDEN for several weeks, left Thursday for Acorn Ridge, Mo.

SAMARIA--Mrs. L. A. WILSON is still quite sick. Mrs. E. MIDYETT, who has been quite sick, is slowly inproving. Mrs. Linnie MEEKS spent last week in Memphis, visiting her sister, Mrs. B. TOTTY. Miss Ida McMACKIN, of Cherokee, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Will SHEPARD. School was suspended at the South Dyersburg school house last week on account of out teacher, Mrs. COZART, being called to Ridgely, to attend the bedside of her brother-in-law, Mr. FOSTER, who was killed in the tragedy, recently enacted at that place.

AYERS--J. C. LITTLE and wife are visiting friends and picking blackberries near Cherokee. Walter PINCKLEY's baby girl is improving after four weeks illness of slow fever. Miss Lizzie HOLLINGSWORTH stenographer and bookkeeper for the Southern Publishing Company of Nashville, who has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Julia PATE, of this place, has returned home.


JULY 25, 1907

WHERE IS E. T. BRIGENCE?--E. T. BRIGENCE, who ran a store at Scott Mill near Bogota, this county, left home in April without advising his family of his departure. He sold his store and since that time he has not been seen or heard from by his family. His wife is much distressed and would appreciate any information as to his whereabouts.

MISS SUSIE ANTHONY--is being heartily congratulated by her friends that she has been licensed to practice law in Tennessee, having passed most creditably in the recent examination at Nashville. It is a distinction for Ripley to have one of the first women lawyers of the state, and the honor is worthily bestowed for Miss ANTHONY is well qualified and will doubtless win an enviable place among Ripley's lawyers. RIPLEY NEWS.

TERSE TELEGRAMS--Holland McTYLER, a son of the late Bishop McTYLER, of the M. E. Church, South, was found dead in bed with a self-inflicted bullet wound in his head at his home in Nashville. The discovery was made by his wife. Dr. John MOORE, one of the most prominent physicians at Clifton, shot and killed his cousin, C. H. MOORE, as a result of a quarrel over the use of a cistern belonging to the latter. Miss Lizzie HOLCOMB, a society belle of Whitesburg, Ky., attempted suicide by taking carbolic acid because she was disappointed in a love affair. On the 20th, Mrs. James JAYNES, living near Columbia, Tenn., was killed by lightening and on the same day, John ELLIOT, of Bellbuckle, Tenn., suffered the same fate. Gov. VARDAMAN unconditionally pardoned Mrs. Angie BIRDSONG, of Monticello, Miss., who shot and killed Dr. Thomas H. BUTLER, her family physician and was convicted of the crime and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

BLOODY RECORD, TIPTONVILLE, TENN., JULY 22--Six men dead as results of fights is the bloody record Lake County made yesterday. The center of the bloody record is Blue Landing on the Mississippi River. Here Pat WORLDS, said to have been drinking, met Luther RANKIN, manager of the HARRIS estate, and a very prominent man, when an old quarrel was renewed as the result of which the men fought and RANKIN shot WORLDS dead. AT THE SAME PLACE; two negroes, whose names could not be learned; engaged in a pistol duel over a game of craps, and both were shot dead. RED DUBLIN MET A NEGRO; soon after this at Blue Landing, and a quarrel ensued over a debt owed DUBLIN by the negro, and the latter was severely, and probably fatally cut. A MAN NAMED SMITH; became involved with a negro whose name is not known, at Ridgely, and SMITH knocked him down. The negro recoved and knocked SMITH down. Then some white men rushed to SMITH's assistance, and using their knives, cut the negro severely. The negro went to Dr. ALEXANDER's office, his wounds dressed after which he and his brother left Ridgely, going down the Dyersburg and Northern Railroad. This morning the dead bodies of both were found on the railroad track and it ia supposed that they were lynched. The fight between SMITH and the negro grew out of a discussion of the killing of Rivers FOSTER, and a negro last Saturday night a week ago.

THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1907--H. Y. DARNELL spent Tuesday in Memphis with his father, I. M. DARNELL. Mrs. M. CREELE, of Bells, is the guest this week of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. LOVIN. Mrs. Lucian WHITAKER, of Memphis, is the guest of her mother, Mrs. WILDING. Little Miss Cora Bell PRINCE, of Jackson, Mich., is in the city visiting her father, J. L. PRINCE. Mrs. Tom FERGUSON has returned from a six weeks trip to visit her daughter, Mrs. Robt. C. WOODALL at New Market, Ala. Miss Martha HAMILTON leaves tonight for Chautauqua, N. Y., where she will resume her study in the summer school of Expression, under the direction of Prof. S. H. CLARK of Chicago University. C. P. GILMAN has just returned from the Confederate Reunion at Richmond, Va. After the reunion, Mr. GILMAN spent a month in Virginia visiting his sister and brother, whom he had not seen in 36 years. He also visited the battlefield of Bethesda Church, where his sister, Mrs. MILES, with her two sons, Jo & W. P. ARMSTRONG, ran through a cross fire for over half mile, having her house shot down.

WILLIE CHRISTIE DROWNED--Last Saturday morning Willie CHRISTIE was drowned in the Forked Deer river in the bend above the old CHRISTIE homeplace. He was in bathing with Orbin ECHOLS, Tom EUDALY, and Charlie McMACKIN, and being unable to swim, was being taken across the river on a plank. He got off the plank and being excited grabbed one of the boys by the neck. Orbin NICHOLS went to his rescue and was almost strangled by the drowning boy. CHRISTIE sank in about 15 feet of water. Willie CHRISTIE had been an orphan since childhood and lived with his grandmother, Mrs. Lizzie TODD, until her death a few months ago, since which time he has made his home with his cousin, J. W. JOHNSON, in South Dyersburg. Mr. CHRISTIE was 23 years old. The remains interred in the City Cemetery.

FOWKLES--Mrs. W. H. BROWN and children, of Spencer, Ind., are visiting her daughter, Mrs. DWIGHT, of this place. Mr. & Mrs. Louis KING were called to Friendship Friday to attend the funeral of their sister, Mrs. W. F. PARKER. Dr. J. D. RICHARDSON happened to a very painful accident last week by getting a pitchfork stuck in his hand.

RoELLEN--Miss Icyle DAVIS visited in Friendship last week, guest of her cousin, Miss Nell DAVIS. Marshall PRICHARD and family moved back to their old home near this place last week. A great surprise was given to the many friends of Emeral PIERCE & Miss Johnnie ASHCRAFT last Wednesday evening, Squire Edd DAVIS tying the knot. The infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. WELBORN died last Thursday.

CHESTNUT BLUFF--Thomas FERRELL of near Lebanon, has been very low from getting overheated. Roscoe ALLEY was sunstruck last Monday and has been in critical condition ever since. Mr. John ALLEY and daughter, of Trenton, were here Sunday. Joel BRASSFIELD has a sick baby with whooping cough. Wiley JONES and family and Rachel BROWDER left for New Mexico the 16th, looking for a location. Mrs. Margaret ALGEE is very sick with typhoid fever. Milton LEGGETT is on the sick list.

SAMARIA--Duncan TAYLOR is quite sick with the fever. Joe GIBSON & Hurston DOYLE have been quite sick lately. Mrs. REDDEN, of Bonicord, and Arthur WHITE, of Curve have been visiting the family of T. A. HENRY. Mr. & Mrs. Tom FINNEY, of Obion, and Moss TODD and George HENRY, of Memphis, attended the Willie CHRISTIE funeral here last Sunday.

STOKES--H. B. PENNINGTON has moved to Elizabeth and will take charge of the school dormitory at that place. C. B. BRASSFIELD and wife have a new boy baby at their home, born a few days ago. Aunt Jane BAKER was quite sick last week with something like blood poison. E. P. BEDWELL is quite sick with the fever. Newton GREENWAY is quite sick. Mr. John H. LOVELACE and Miss PIGUE, of Holly Grove were married last Sunday morning, Squire BESSENT officiating.

ROUTE NO 4--Mrs. KING, of Memphis, was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Mattie PRITCHARD this week. Charlie FARMER, of Halls, was the guest of Miss Jemmie PRITCHARD Sunday.

FOWKLES--Bro. BEDWELL and wife visited their daughter, Mrs. CARTER, last week. Our town suffered a loss when G. W. DEATON moved to Memphis where he will embark in business with his brother. Buck FERRELL has gone to Miss., with his father to work on the railroad. I. W. BAKER's little baby is quite sick. Mrs. BROWN and children have returned to their home in Spencer, Ind., after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. DWYATT.

BRUCEVILLE--Mace PALMER visited his brother, H. G. PALMER this week. Mrs. STARRETT and daughter, of Malden, Mo., are the guests of W. H. STARRETT and family this week.


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