The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai

April 19, 2007 11:00 pm

4th Calgary Underground Film Festival - Poster 1 - Thumb Nailaka Hatsujô kateikyôshi: sensei no aijiru
Horny Home Tutor: Teacher’s Love Juice

A riotous amalgam of political satire, apocalyptic comedy and steamy erotica.

Sachiko Hanai (Emi Kuroda) is an escort who specializes in role playing the type of lusty home tutor every adolescent boy dreams of having correct his homework (the film’s delightfully apposite original title is Horny Home Tutor: Teacher’s Love Juice). One day, after an energetic tutoring session, Sachiko adjourns to a nearby café. An argument between two men escalates, tempers flare, guns are drawn and Sachiko finds herself in the path of a stray bullet that hits her bang in the centre of her forehead.

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai - Movie PosterMiraculously only dazed, making off with a clone of George W. Bush’s finger. And then things get really weird. Sachiko discovers odd psychic abilities and begins imagining various theories of the universe and multivalent philosophical speculations, all to the throb of techno.

While she pursues arcane poststrucuturalist knowledge—and has intellectual intercourse with a political philosopher—a consortium of bad guys chase her in the hopes of recovering the cylinder. Raunchy and hilarious in equal measures, with a dash of smart political commentary, Mitsuru Meike’s memorable feature will undoubtedly tickle you pink.

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai - United States President - George BushUnfortunately, the cylinder contains a replica of the finger of the US president, whose fingerprint is capable of unleashing nuclear Armageddon. Sachiko soon begins to finds herself the subject of unprecedented international attention.

Meike’s sexy, anarchic, satirical romp was originally released into pink cinemas (see explaination below) in a 65-minute version called Horny Home Tutor: Teacher’s Love Juice, but proved so popular that a ‘director’s cut‘ was prepared, featuring enough raunch, humour and weirdness to please all but the most po faced. The depiction of the current incumbent at the White House is particularly to be savoured.”

The director - Meike Mitsuru calls the The Japanese Liberal Democratic Party looking for comments on The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai, due to the political elements of the film. An English translation of the film clip can be found below.

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai - Movie ScenesTranslation and explanation curtisy of Junko Ogawa (

The director, who used to be a porn movie director, calling the public relations department of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, which the former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is a member of. He’s asking for a comment from the former Prime Minster on this movie.

So, the story is about a soap girl who happens to be in a secret meeting of North Koreian spy and Middle Eastern terrorists, and ends up getting shot in her forehead. But she doesn’t die for some reason…

PR Department Spokesperson:

The reason why I am asking for a comment from Mr. Koizumi is, The President Bush and other related political issues are involved in the story. I believe Mr. Koizumi and The President Bush have a strong connection…

PR Department Spokesperson:
W…what kind…I’m afraid, I don’t quite follow the story. What kind of movie is this?

Well, it’s basically a comedy, but it could still be categorized as porn. Actually I had been making only porn before this. I am getting great feed backs on this movie, and the movie will be played at several International Film Festivals. I thought it would be great if Mr. Koizumi could help advertise my film…

PR Department Spokesperson:

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai - ToplessEmi Kuroda recently made the Japanise MSN news in the story “Porno dream queens dive for rich pearls“. Over 8,700 women applied to compete in the first All Japan National AV Actress Contest, fighting it out for a 300,000 yen cash prize and the opportunity to become a household name. Emi “screamed to the audience that her motivation for entering the world of pink movies was the chance to have as much sex as she could possibly get.”.

Pinku eiga at DeeZone.comAbout Pink Films:

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai is an insanely entertaining example of the Japanese pink film (pinku eiga) genre, a popular form of erotic softcore cinema. Titillation is, of course, a primary goal, but due to Japan’s censorship codes (no depiction of genitalia or penetration is allowed), creative storytelling is also important. When both factors are present, as in this memorably nutty offering, the result is particularly pleasurable.

Pink film (pinku eiga) is the name of the genre of independent softcore erotic program pictures that have been produced for the big screen in vast numbers in Japan since the early 60s.

The films differ in several respects from the type of pornography one conventionally finds in other countries. Firstly, they are shot on 35mm and intended for theatrical release in a network of specialist cinemas in the nation’s metropolitan areas, a phenomenon that disappeared completely throughout the rest of the world during the 80s but is still thriving in Japan.

Pink Films special
by Jasper Sharp

Pink Film Scenes
from The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai

Some creative (and horney) soul has made a mashup up all the “hot” scenes in the movie, a great example of what can be found in a Pink Film, enjoy.

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai Scenes
Sachiko Hanai meets the president and he gives her a little poke!

Promotional Trailer
for The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai, provided by the American distributor Palm Films.


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Sara wrote a comment on April 22, 2007

WTF!? That scene with Bush’s clone finger is disturbing! Please tell me she kicks his a*% in the end.

Dee wrote a comment on April 22, 2007

No spoilers allowed here. I have the DVD on order with delivery due the end of June. You’re official invited to the premiere screening at the Land of Dee provided you bring a healthy appetite for “pinku eiga” and your insight in to the Japanese libido from the Western perspective.

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