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Tulsa Port of Catoosa

The Tulsa Port of Catoosa in an inland seaport and 2,000-acre industrial park created especially for industries that can benefit from waterway transportation.

There are about 52 companies now located at the Port, employing 2,866 people.

Seventeen locks and dams, built by the Army Corps of Engineers, are located between Catoosa and the Mississippi River, 445 miles from Catoosa.

Barge transportation is important to many industries due to the cost savings. It is estimated that transportation by barge costs about one-third as much as railroad and one-fifth as much as truck.

When eight barges are lashed together to form a "tow" for a trip on the river, their combined load is equivalent to 480 semi-trailer trucks. A single towboat can push eight barges.

To visit the Port, drive north from Catoosa on Highway 167 to East 46th Street North and turn right to the Port office.

The Arkansas River Historical Society Museum is located at the Port.

The Blue Whale

Only in Catoosa can motorists suddenly come upon a very large, blue whale wearing a ball cap and sitting in a pond alongside Route 66.

Hugh Davis built the whale in 1974 as a surprise anniversary present. The whale is 80' long and made out of sucker rods covered in concrete and painted a turquoise blue. His smiling open mouth is the entrance, and the inside of his body is open, once providing a place for sun bathing. A diving board allowed swimmers to do flips off his tail.

The whale was originally intended to be for family use only. However, when local kids continued to sneak in to swim, Davis hired life guards, built concrete picnic tables, rest rooms and a concession stand. Soon the whale was attracting fans from around the country.

Taking care of the facility became too much for Davis and his wife Zelta, and it closed in 1988. Davis died in 1990, and the property began to deteriorate. But it was resurrected by the Catoosa Chamber of Commerce in the late 1990s.

Someone stole the baseball cap that was on top of the whale's head. A local business made him a new one out of quarter-inch plate and welded it to his head.

Unfortunately, the park is not open for swimming nowadays. However, you can enjoy a picnic, walk around and take pictures.

Cherokee Casino

Visit them on the web @

The Cherokee Nation Enterprises opened the Bingo Outpost in Catoosa in 1993. Since then, the Bingo Outpost has evolved into the famous Cherokee Casino. The Cherokee Casino is located on 193rd East Avenue, north of I-44.

The Cherokee Casino employs over 300 full-time employees and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will experience the best in Class II Indian Gaming offered in Oklahoma. Catoosa is a great place to live, Win Big Money and entertain your friends.

Revenues generated by the Cherokee Casino provide funds for the Cherokee Nation, its members and also stimulate the economy of Catoosa and the surrounding areas.

The Cherokee Casino is an active participant in the Catoosa Chamber of Commerce and provides financial donations to community activities and local government.

The Cherokee Casino offers:

  • Blackjack Gaming Room open 24 hours.
  • Smoking and non-smoking bingo sections.
  • Electronic Gaming Area open 24 hours.
  • Player's Club Membership.
  • Great food and snack area.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • 24 hours of high-level security.
  • Free parking 24 hours.
  • Free coffee 24 hours.

D.W. Correll Museum

The D.W. Correll Museum is located on the southwest corner of Pine and Cherokee streets.

The museum consists of three buildings. One of the buildings houses antique automobiles, restored by Correll, and other items of general interest and history.

The vehicles include an 1898 Locomobile, 1902 Oldsmobile Run About, 1906 Cadillac, 1915 Dodge Touring Car, 1914 Oldsmobile, 1917 Twin 6 Packard, 1919 Framklin, 1927 Stutz 8, 1930 Model A Ford convertible, 1944 Ford 4-door, and 1948 Dodge coupe.

All are in working condition.

A second building houses an extensive collection of bottles and decanters.

The third building contains a gift shop and Correll's extensive collection of rocks, gems, and minerals from around the world. He also had a large collection of sea shells.

The third building also houses many newspaper articles concerning the construction of the Port of Catoosa.

There also is a valuable Texaco gas pump on display.

Although no specific hours of operation for the museum have been announced, the board of directors hopes to set regular hours soon.

The caretaker will let people in to view the artifacts.

Medical facilities and practitioners

Catoosa has three general health clinics, a chiropractic center, one veterinary clinic, two pharmacies and a nursing home.

In the Catoosa Family Clinic, located at 1755 N. Hwy. 66, practicing are one osteopathic physician, two dentists and one optometrist.

At Paramount Plaza, located at 1875 N. Hwy. 66, practicing is one medical doctor and physician's assistant.

Catoosa's newest medical facility is located in Port Plaza, with one medical doctor.

The nearest hospital is approximately 10 miles away in Tulsa and in Claremore.

An occupational health clinic is located at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa for member industries.

Ward Chiropractic is located at 1603 N. Hwy, 66, and offers sports physicals and natural health care for the entire family.

Catoosa Small Animal Hospital, 1901 N. Hwy. 66, has four veterinarians, who offer a 24-hour emergency service, boarding and grooming.

Catoosa's two pharmacies are Raley's Pharmacy and Gifts and Homeland Pharmacy. Both are located in the Homeland Shopping Center at 19320 E. Admiral Place.

Rolling Hills Care Center is a 105-bed nursing home facility with a licensed staff on duty 24 hours a day. Services that are offered include a locked Alzheimer's unit, in-house physical, occupational and speech therapies. It is located at 801 N. 193rd E. Ave.

Sports Complex

Catoosa's park and sports complex is located on Pine Street, south of Highway 66.

Soccer, baseball and softball fields, restroom facilities and a concession are located in the sports complex.

The City of Catoosa plans to put a walking trail that will go the entire length around the sports complex in soon.

Another park in Catoosa, Hathway Park, is located off of Rollins on Valley Drive.

Catoosa Public Library and Community Center

Catoosa has a 7,965-square-foot facility that houses the library and a community center, located at 105 East Oak.

The library has 13,605 titles, 4,333 patrons, Internet service, and offers interlibrary loan throughout the state. The staff includes one full-time and one part-time librarians.

Citizens may join Friends of the Library, a nonprofit 501C3 organization. Friends of the Library supports the library with various needs. For more information, contact the library at 266-1684.

The library offers a free library card for patrons who live or work in the Catoosa school district.

Hours for the library are: Monday 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.(closed from noon to 1:00 p.m.); Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.; Saturday10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; Sundays closed.

The Community Center is used as a multi-purpose facility. Meetings, family reunions and special events can use the center that has kitchen facilities.

For more information, call 266-2505.

Police and Fire Departments

In 1971, the City of Catoosa passed an ordinance that officially created a volunteer fire department. Dale Lynch was named the first fire chief.

The summer of 2001, the City hired its first three full-time firefighters. There are 19 volunteer firefighters for the City of Catoosa.

Prior to September 1969, Rogers County Sheriff's Department covered the Catoosa area as law enforcement. In September 1969, the Town Board hired a town marshal to enforce the law.

In 1973, the City hired J.B. Hamby as its first chief of police. One additional police officer was hired.

Since 1980, during the time Benny Dirck was police chief, the City saw the need for additional officers.

Today, the City employs 13 full-time police officers and one full-time police chief.

Voter Registration

To register to vote in the state of Oklahoma, you must be an American citizen and be at least 18 years of age.

Voter registration applications can be obtained at the following locations:

  • Catoosa Public Library, 105 E. Oak
  • Catoosa Post Office, 1805 S. Cherokee
  • Rogers County Election Board, 216 S. Missouri, Claremore
  • Catoosa Tag Office, 1875 N. Hwy. 66

Vehicle Registration

Vehicles must be registered within 30 days of establishing residency or taking employment in Oklahoma. All vehicles registered in your name must be tagged in Oklahoma before obtaining an Oklahoma driver's license.

To register you must;

  • Take your out-of-state title and/or registration when you apply.
  • Pay a title fee and the cost of your license plates. Subsequent registrations may be handled by mail or in person.

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