Message from Herman Hui (Chairman of the WSC)

Last modified November 13, 2007

All staff, WSB Central Office
Regional Directors

Dear friends,

At its meeting held in Cairo today, the World Scout Committee (WSC)
has taken a number of decisions. You will find details in the attached
document, which was adopted by consensus by the WSC.

Notably, the WSC has decided to negotiate with Eduardo Missoni his
departure as Secretary General. This decision included the transfer,
effective today, of the executive powers of the Secretary General to
Luc Panissod, who has been designated as Acting Secretary General
until such time as a new Secretary General is appointed. Eduardo will
continue to carry out the external representative functions of the
Secretary General until 30 November 2007, thus enabling him to fulfill
his previously planned engagements until that time.

Luc and Jim Sharp, who attended today’s meeting, will give you more
information on their return to Geneva.

The WSC will now communicate its decisions to the World Scout
Foundation and Boy Scouts of America in the full hope and trust that
the funding of WOSM’s activities that comes from these bodies and
which has recently been suspended will be once again renewed.

I take this opportunity to thank all of you for the patience,
understanding and commitment to World Scouting that you have
demonstrated during this very difficult time.

Herman Hui
Chairman, WSC

The above message has been sent by:
Jim Sharp (jsh…
Director, WOSM Institutional Support
& Coordinator, Office of the Secretary General
5 rue du Pré-Jérôme, CH-1205 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: (+41.22) 705 10 24 (direct line)
Tel: (+41.22) 705 10 10 (switchboard)
Fax: (+41.22) 705 10 20


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