Monday, November 19, 2007 | 7:43 p.m. ET
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   11-16-2007 18:24
3 Elite Schools Ordered to Hold Extra Examination

By Kang Shin-who
Staff Reporter

Three elite schools will have to hold partial new admissions examinations for the recent test leakage scandal a recent question leaking scandal, Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education announced Friday.

They are Gimpo Foreign Language High School, Myonggi Foreign Language High School and Anyang Language High School.

The education authority decided to cancel the admissions of 54 students who were shown the leaked test questions.

It will arrange the make-up test to fill the 54 vacancies before Dec. 20. Elite high schools in Gyeonggi Province organize entrance examinations together every year.

Of the 54 canceled admissions, the Gimpo school accepted 48 students while the others gained admission to Myongji and Anyang.

All of the students, except one, had attended a cram school whose head received the test questions via e-mail a day before the test from the admission director of Gimpo school, only identified by his surname Lee.

Lee, who is sought by police on charges of leaking entrance exam questions, was allegedly involved in other admission irregularities when he was working at Myongji school, the National Police Agency said.

Lee had worked at Myongji school before and helped some students unfairly get admitted to the school, the police agency said, adding they are now further investigating that case as well.

Transferred to the Gimpo school, Lee leaked some of the questions from the school admission exam to cram school teachers and parents of test takers.

Police also found that more than 10 million won had been transferred to Lee's bank account, and are now tracking the source of the money.

Although foreign language high schools were established to foster excellent students who have talent in foreign languages, some schools have been turned into institutions for prepping graduates to enter prestigious universities in other subjects.

To halt this, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development is developing countermeasures that could include canceling school licenses.

Reader's Comments ▶ Other View
jimbo49   (   11-18-2007 09:53
Business as usual. I like the references to "cramming". I don't se any reference to "learning". As usual, just past the test, don't bother to learn anything.
dplikesboys   (   11-17-2007 06:52
Remarkably dumb. When the elite schools don't get caught, the parents are happy. When they do get caught, no real consequence. Why not throw out all of their exams and not let the students test for a year...THAT would anger the parents AND force the schools to be honest (or smarter).
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