Lough Erne Flag & IWAI Pennants

Lough Erne Flag

There has always been some confusion about which way the Lough Erne Flag should be flown. The normal accepted way is as shown on this site ie the green stripe uppermost. The general idea is that green is for the land, white is for the shore and the blue is for the water. 
Some people argue that blue should be uppermost to represent sky with the green at the bottom to represent the water. As the source of the Erne is in the Republic of Ireland with the main loughs in Northern Ireland, a more cynical interpretation is that the flag was designed to not offend anybody in that it is neither green/white/orange or red/white/blue!!!
IWAI Pennants

This is a standard IWAI pennant which shows other boaters that you are a current member of the IWAI. However regrettably it is sometimes flown by people who are not members! An up to date member should also be in possession of a membership card and a boat sticker indicating the year membership. To purchase this pennant please contact either the Secretary or Treasurer of the Lough Erne Branch.....see Officers

This pennant is only issued to IWAI members who have at a minimum obtained a helmsman's Inland Waterways Certificate of Competence. For further information see the IWAI main site and members services.