The University of North Florida has received regional and national recognition for the quality of its academic programs and service to the community. The University’s most prominent symbols –-it’s logo, the official seal, and the Osprey – represent UNF’s identity. When they are used appropriately, they provide a visual expression of the University’s commitment to quality and service.

These revised guidelines outline the proper use of our symbols. They should be followed diligently in order to convey a consistent graphic identity of the University. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated in abiding by these guidelines in your publications, letterhead and business cards.

The purpose of these guidelines is to specify the policies and procedures concerning the use of the University name and all official symbols that identify it. These guidelines are designed to ensure that the University is promoted in a formalized, professional and uniform manner and to protect the marks from infringement.

These guidelines apply to all reproductions of University marks whether in traditional print or electronic form.

The University’s name, registered marks, logos, and other indicia of the University which are depicted in this document may not be altered in any manner for use in publications.

University organizations seeking to use official University symbols in a manner not depicted herein may submit proposed applications to the Office of Marketing & Publications which will offer advice on proper utilization. A usage which is deemed not to be in compliance with visual identity guidelines may be submitted to a committee which can grant an exception to these guidelines. The committee will be comprised of representatives from the Office of Marketing & Publications, the Office of the President, Instructional Communications and the General Counsel.

The University reserves the right to remove, rescind, withdraw any document or publication, including electronic publications, which does not comply with these Visual Identity Guidelines.

These guidelines do not apply to use of University symbols on buildings or on signs, or the use on apparel or products for commercial sale or internal consumption. Use of University symbols on buildings and signs is governed by the office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Use of University symbols on apparel or products is governed by the Director of Trademark Licensing. Student use is governed by the Vice President of Student Affairs.

All outside vendors contracted to design and print University publications or marketing materials should be provided with a copy of these guidelines. Logos are available from the Office of Marketing & Publications and on the Visual Identity page under Support Services on the UNF website. Any questions in using these guidelines should be directed to the Office of Marketing & Publications, at 620-2140.

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