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News From .............................

by A. Murray

Untimely Death of
Local Poet and Author Noelle Vial

Noelle (nee Sharkey) died at her home on Sunday 20th January at the age of 43. She was a founder member of the Killybegs Writers group and wrote many poems about the sea and fishing. She won many awards for her writing including the Hennessy Award for poetry. Her book of poetry titled "Promiscuous Winds" has been very successful in America and in Europe. Noelle was under contract in America for a new book of poetry titled "Ungrateful Princess". Her son George who lives in America and has a degree in Literature and also has won many awards for his poetry is putting the finishing touches to the book before having it published.

Noelle married Charlie Vial (C Fish) in '76 and they have five children. She was the daughter of the late Peggy and Paddy Sharkey. Her father Paddy was well known in the fishing industry for his many electronic innovations. Brother Barry is Managing Director of Barry Electronics. Noelle is survived by her daughter Jenny and sons Derek, George, Alan, Bruce and grandson Cameron. Brothers Barry, Aidan (Holland) and Kevin (the Artist). Her sisters Pat Sharkey, Geraldine Vial, Majella McCloskey and Aileen Joyce. The Marine Times Newspaper extends sympathy to her family.

New Harbour

Progress on the new harbour development is on schedule. The outline on the new northern quay wall is visible from the present harbour area. Much activity is concentrated here with 3 large cranes visible. These are all working on the new Combi-Wall which forms the perimeter of the new quay. Pile driving, coring and final leveling of the piles is progressing. Meanwhile sands and gravel are being reclaimed from the harbour area, under strict E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Area) requirements, for filling on site.

Monitoring of this operation is in place and is being strictly supervised. Work has also commenced on precast concrete piling for the various offices and buildings in the new harbour. The shape of the new boat repair building is now clearly visible from the harbour area. "Overall the new harbour is beginning to take shape and the completion date of Spring 2004 is likely to be achieved", says Aiden McFadden, Senior Resident Engineer.

Pelagic Fishing

Since returning to fish after the Christmas break catches of mackerel have been reasonable. However herring catches have not been great. Prices have been favourable. Many of the boats have been landing their fish in Killybegs.

Deep Water Fishing

From 1st January quotas have come into effect for certain deep water species for 2003 and 2004. Fishing permits will be required also under this new fishing regime. The deep water species that will be affected by the new quotas are Black Scabbard, Argentines, Tusk, Roundnose Grenadier, Orange Roughy, Blue Ling, Ling and Red Seabream.


The KFO has had an extremely busy month with the introduction, for the first time ever, of days at sea limitation for North Donegal, which was introduced at the December council meeting in Brussels. The KFO will be in attendance at the next meeting which will take place at the end of January, at which discussion will continue on the 'Irish Box'. The KFO continues to attend further meetings with the European Association of the Northern Pelagic Working Group.

White Fish Boats

Fishing has been poor due to the weather restriction. Prices were favourable. Many of the white fish boats have continued to fish herring and mackerel including the MFV Eternal Dawn, skipper Kevin Boyle and MFV Celtic Quest skipper Denis Carberry.

Some boats have returned to white fishing including MFV 'Sharlisa', Skipper Mickey Moore, MFV 'Shaun Shaun', Skipper Hughie Moore, MFV 'West Bound', Skipper Declan Doogan and the MFV 'Star of Hope', Skipper Shane Doogan.

French Fishermen Missing
Since the End of December

Mr. Patrick Le Bruin arrived in Killybegs on board a French fishing vessel on Saturday 28th December suffering from head injuries. It is believed these injuries were caused by an accident on board the boat.
The man was brought by ambulance to Sligo General Hospital and vanished from the hospital the next day. Following his disappearance the Garda in Sligo have been conducting a search for the missing fisherman with the assistance of local papers and local radio stations without success.

The fisherman is 5'10" tall, with dark hair and glasses. When he was last seen he was wearing blue jeans, and a blue and white canvas jacket. Anyone with information should contact Sligo Garda on 071 57000.

Ghanaian Fisherman

The body of a 38 year old, Ghanaian fisherman was brought ashore to Killybegs on January 13th. It is believed that the man died following an accident involving machinery on board his fishing vessel. He was fishing on a Spanish registered vessel which had been operating near Achill Island.

River & Lake Angling Clubs

Plans are under consideration to restrict full membership of Donegal Angling clubs whose member's fish on the rivers and lakes, to those on the electoral register in the county. Those outside the county who have had a long association with a club would have associated status and could fish for €30 a day. The Northern Regional Fisheries Board is considering this rule in an effort to conserve fish stocks in the county's lakes and rivers and to protect jobs. There are 22 licensed state fisheries in the Northern Regional Fisheries Board region of which there are 50 small lakes and rivers which collectively represented an asset worth over €20 million. No decision will be made on this issue until completion of the public consultation.

50th Wedding Anniversaries

Congratulations to couples Billy and Sally McLean, Conlin Road and Paddy and Mary Byrne, Stragar who recently celebrated their 50th Golden wedding anniversaries.

Mna na Mhara, Na Chealla Beaga Attend Brussels Conference

Marie Boyle, wife of Cathal Boyle MFV 'Marie Dawn' represented Mna na Mhara, Na Chealla Beaga, at a European Commission Conference in Brussels on the 23rd and 24th January '03. titled "What role for women in the fisheries sector?"

The conference was opened by Mr. Franz Fishler. This was followed by a presentation on "The stakes of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy", by Mr. Jorgen Holmquist, Director-General of the European Commission.

A presentation was made on the study on "The role of women in the fisheries sector" followed by a debate on "Women's contribution to maintaining the socio-economic fabric of areas dependent on fisheries". On the second day the theme was "Stronger participation by women of the fisheries sector in European programmes."

Presentations were on the projects for women in the sector financed by the small scale coastal programme (1997 -2000) and on the different community programmes and financial instruments of interest to women in the fisheries sector.

Flights to Donegal and Sligo Suspended

The flights from Dublin to Sligo and Donegal ceased on the 22nd January. The operators of the service failed to get their licences renewed. They were EuroCeltic Airways Ltd, a British registered company licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Donegal Deputy Dinny McGinley who had flown to Dublin from Donegal on Tuesday for a meeting was unable to get his return flight and returned by the local bus service.

Killybegs Parish Council

Voting papers for election to Killybegs Parish Council may be obtained in all the local shops. Papers must be returned by January 31st.


The majority of the white fish fleet is at present fishing out of Dunmore East. Prices are very poor as there are large landing by the Scottish fleet. The reason for this is that from 1st February days at sea limitations will be introduced. Fishing vessels with mesh size greater than 100mm will be restricted to 9 days a month at sea. Those boats fishing with mesh size 80mm to 99mm will be able to fish for 25 days a month.

Cecelia Keaveny TD is arranging a meeting with the Taoiseach for representatives of the Greencastle and Donegal Fishing Industry on the days at sea limitations which are going to have a devastating effect on the county. The KFO and the IFO will also attend the meeting when it is arranged.


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