MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The unlikely WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & United States Champion MVP continued their uneasy reign as champs by defeating Deuce & Domino at Unforgiven. The rivalry between the champions was put aside on this night as the tumultuous tandem focused on keeping the tag titles around their waists against the former champs.

Though Deuce & Domino’s in-ring style is physically brutal, the boys from The Other Side of the Tracks didn’t factor in two things: The determination of Matt Hardy or the greediness of Montel Vontavious Porter. Hardy’s experience as an eight-time tag team champion, combined with MVP’s unending search for the spotlight seemed to intertwine to make the champions weirdly function as a team – albeit while trying to outdo one another in the ring.

They mocked each other while they dominated early, but Deuce & Domino finally gained an advantage and isolated Hardy. MVP became frustrated, and when it looked like he was going to walk out, the self-proclaimed team captain returned. In a scene that mirrored their tag team title win, MVP was tossed out of the ring by Matt Hardy, who then delivered the Twist of Fate to Deuce to get the victory. In the ultimate one-up moment, Hardy grabbed all the gold and celebrated as MVP did three weeks ago. Matt handed the U.S. Title and a warning back to MVP – “cherish it while you can.”

In the weeks leading up to the match, MVP and Matt had kept their personal rivalry going, leading to a great divide between the champions. Hardy appeared as a guest in MVP’s VIP Lounge on SmackDown to let it be known he still had intentions of challenging Porter for the U.S. Title. But the Ballin’ Superstar avoided the issue, opting instead to put him and the young North Carolinian into tag action once more.

The unlikely partnership and championship reign marches on for Matt Hardy and United States Champion MVP, but how long can these two continue to win while their personal issues carry on?