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Howard GreenhalghHoward Greenhalgh was born in Halifax (West Yorkshire, United Kingdom) in 1963.

By the age of 12, he was studying classical piano and wanted to be a pop star. With no record deal in sight, he decided instead to follow in the footsteps of his older brother and go to art school.

It was while attending The Royal College of Art (1987 - 1989) that Howard realized he could combine his love of music and photography into a career. He formed the company Why Not? Associates (1989 - 1998), a multidisciplinary design studio, with two of his mates, and the trio soon found work in the music industry designing record covers. It wasn't long until Howard's career naturally progressed into directing music videos. Beetwen 1993 - 1998 he worked for Brave Films, 1998 - 2003 for Godman and 2003 - 2005 for Exposure Films. Howard currently directs TV commercials for Bikini and music videos for Believe Media.

In the over 16-year span of his career, Howard has directed over 100 music videos. His credits include Sting, George Michael, System of a Down, Placebo and Pet Shop Boys. Perhaps his most famous and iconic music video to date is Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun." Incidentally, this video is also his favorite piece of work, a tidbit he mentioned to Shots in 2000 when he made their "Top Ten" list of directors of the decade. "Music videos have always been important to me - I still don't think I'd be in the industry now if I didn't do them. You can try new techniques and styles and hopefully some of the techniques you use will filter into commercials," says Greenhalgh.

Howard's commercial credits include Adidas, Nike, BBC, and Citroen, among others. His doubleentendre laden campaign for Bacardi via McCann London garnered much industry acclaim and helped reestablish the brand worldwide. Howard has won numerous awards during his career including a Gold Lion at Cannes and a British Television Advertising Award for VW "Bus Sandwich". His videos for Pet Shop Boys "Go West", Sting "When We Dance", and Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun" each won Clio Awards, the latter picking up an MTV Award as well.

For Michael Cretu Howard has directed 3 Enigma's videos: "MEA CULPA", "PRINCIPLES OF LUST", "THE RIVERS OF BELIEF". Two videos for TRANCE ATLANTIC AIR WAVES project were: "CHASE" and "MAGIC FLY".

He has been a finalist at Cannes on numerous occasions and has won multiple computer animation/fx awards in London.

Howard Greenhalgh has won following awards:

1993: Cannes Gold Lion - VW "Bus Sandwich"
1993: British Television Advg - VW "Bus Sandwich"
1994: MTV Video Awards(USA) - Soundgarden "Black Hole"
1994: Wave 94 - Animation Gallery Winner - PSB "Liberation"
1994: London Effects & Animation Festival - PSB "Liberation"
1995: Clio (USA) - Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun"
1995: Music Week Award - Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun"
1996: Clio (USA - Sting "When We Dance"
Clio (USA) - Pet Shop Boys "Go West" 9th: Computer Animation Festival - Mike Oldfield "Let There Be Light" (Viewers Choice Award, & Best Artistic Film) 1997: International Monitors - Ford "Probe" (Best Director)
2005: Creative Circle Silver RSPCA "Oven"

Greenhalgh has got many nominations and has been finalist on following occasions:

1993: Cannes - DCC "Microscope"
1993: MTV Video Awards - Sting "If I Ever Lose My Faith"
1994: International Monitor - Pet Shop Boys "Go West"
1994: D&AD - Pet Shop Boys "Go West"
1995: Grammy Awards - Pet Shop Boys "Go West"
1996: International Monitor Award - Ford Probe
1999: MTV US - Puff Daddy. Come with me/Godzilla
2000: MVPA - Suede "Everything Will Flow"
2000: FAB Awards - Bacardi
2000: Leaf Awards - Muse "Unintended"
2000: Leaf Awards - Placebo "Slave to the Wage"
2001: Raindance Festival - Placebo "Special K"
2002: UK food awards - Bacardi

43 years ago I was born in Halifax UK. A small town of a 'red neck' persuasion where Men were men... and so were a lot of the women who could put away 10 pints of beer in a night. I left for London 19 years later.
I studied graphic design at the London College of Printing and then went on to complete a Master of Arts degree at the Royal college of Art.
My student work always had a heavy photographic bias, and I purposely went through the design route, as this seemed more applicable to the industry I was heading for.
1. Howard, firstly we would like to thank you for your willingness of giving EnigmaCretu.Com an exclusive interview for all fans in Poland.
It's a pleasure to talk to you guys... I shot a few scenes in Gdansk some years ago and really enjoyed the experience.
2. How and when your co-operation with Michael Cretu did start?
I guess Michael found me through my show reel. I was into layering multiple textural images together, and I think that is what may have initially caught his eye. It may also have been my video for Soundgardens "Black Hole Sun" or Stings "If I ever loose my Faith in you"... it's been a long time.
3. Where the videoclips of Enigma for "Mea Culpa", "Priciples Of Lust" and "The Rivers Of Belief" were created? Where the shots for them took place?
"Mea Culpa" took place in Seville Spain. We were staying in a historic Parador, and we ended up shooting some stuff there. All around us felt Medieval, and that worked perfectly for the video. All of this footage was re-projected onto surfaces and re-filmed back in the studio which gave it a very old, weathered look.
"Principles Of Lust" was shot in the studio. My God we had a time shooting that one. There were several scenes which could never be played on TV. "Rivers Of Belief" was like a mini world tour. We took a skeleton crew to Iceland, India (Varanasi) Egypt and the UK.
4. You have created hundreds videoclips for various artists. How can you find newer and newer ideas to make your productions?
Good question. Well I guess it always comes from the lyrics first. Then I hope for a title which will lead me to a genre. After that I look at who the band are, what is their image, and how best to promote that. I always say that music videos are still one of the most fine art based commercial mediums around, but you still have to have your 'relevant' head on to make sure it's commercially viable.
5. How do you remember your co-working with Michael Cretu?
Michael is a very clever and perceptive artist. Even more importantly, he is passionate about his craft. He would always fire off loads of ideas and possibilities, but most of all he had the confidence to let us shoot what we thought was right with little interruption. He then worked closely with us on the editing which I guess was where he could really add his mark with expertise.
6. How did you engage a British model Laura Berkley into video for Enigma's "Principles Of Lust"?
Well... you cast for beautiful girls, and they arrive at the casting session. I remember Laura's audition. She was completely relaxed, and really seemed to like what we were trying to do. I think she may well have been a fan on Enigma too which helps a lot when you are asking for performances above the usual requirements.
7. What kind of music do you listen to? Who's your favourite artist?
Wow... an impossible question to answer, but I suppose as eclectic and mixed up as possible. Currently Placebo, Sigur ross, Soft pink truth, and a lot of French remixes.
8. In Enigma's "Mea Culpa" video we can see mysterious round symbol which is seen by watching people "on the surface" human's hand. What does it mean?
I wish I could tell you something weird, but alas it was just an interesting symbol we found. You have to be careful with quasi religious signs as they can unintentionally offend.
9. Can you recall the most funny situation which you came through during your work as a produceer and director?
Well, I have nearly been killed several times in various shooting scenarios, and my point is here, that if you don't laugh and get back on the proverbial horse, you won't seek out those shots you need. One episode I recall is being in the middle of a 300m deep Ice lake in Greenland. All of a sudden a massive slab of ice broke off from the glacial wall at the foot of the lake. If you can imagine an ice tidal wave coming at you at speed while you try to sprint to shore on shattered ice.... it's f**king frightening!
10. In your opinion, what's the best prescription to make a good music videoclip?
A good track. It's as simple as that!
11. Who is your authority among film directors?
Andrew Niccol for Gattaca.
12. Have you ever wondered about your resumption of co-working with Michael Cretu and making another Enigma videoclip(s)? What or who decides about it (is it the money above all)?
I would work with Michael any day. His projects are poetic, surreal and sensual... what more could you ask for. The decision would be his, as he is the creator, and money... well... so long as I can achieve a decent level of quality in what we shoot.
13. Please list the three things which you consider to be the most important things in your life...
Staying in love with what I do. My work, my kids, my friends.
14. In your opinion, the best film that has ever been made is...? Is it your favourite film?
Wow, another big question. "The Shining". It's classic, it's simple, and it scares the shit out of me still. City of God is neck and neck.
15. Which of your all production you think of as your the most successful production? Can you say about it that this is also your the best production?
I suppose more recent stuff is more relevant. We shot a Video for Rob D "Furious Angels" It's about a guy that gets dragged by love across a city back into the arms of his girlfriend who has just been killed in a car crash. Rob did a lot of serious stunt work himself. He was a real inspiration, and we produced a video I will always be proud of.
16. Have you seen any videoclip that makes you sick?
Ha! There are a few videos that make me sick. Problem is... they are mine. I won't mention which they are, but sometimes things go wrong. I always say that video directors should be taking risks or trying to do something innovative, so I guess if you are doing your job, you should be walking a thin line. It pains me when I look at what should have worked but didn't. It's my fault. It makes me feel ill.
17. Thank you for this exclusive interview for EnigmaCretu.Com...
It's a pleasure. Michael sent me the new boxed Enigma history. It's great... you should all get one!

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