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Giant squid found on Farewell Spit

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 11:36a.m.
Mike Gillooly sitting near the carcass of the giant squid Mike Gillooly sitting near the carcass of the giant squid

The carcass of a giant squid was found on Farewell Spit this morning by Farewell Spit Eco Tours whilst on their way to the Lighthouse on the end of the Spit.
Paddy Gillooly Farewell Spit Eco Tours says the animal was about 4.2m long and washed up at the high tide mark approx 6 km along the ocean side of the Spit.
Gillooly says this is not the first time a giant squid has been washed up here - the last one was 2004 and there have been about half a dozen in the last 20 years.
Click the audio icon to listen to RadioLIVE's Marcus Lush talk to Paddy Gillooly Farewell Spit Eco Tours.

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comments: 3

23-Jul-2007 18:09

Eat a lot of squid here in China, only little beggars though! This one would sure as could be would give anyone a case of indegestion! Imagine that as a take-away?

Michael Henry

23-Jul-2007 15:17

Is finding Giant Squid still rare and newsworthy ?


23-Jul-2007 15:17

haha thats so neat!

kate, wellington

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