Results:On the Edge of Hell

By Louie Dee
November 18, 2007

MIAMI – During the weeks leading up to Hell in a Cell, the biggest question was whether it would be Batista or Undertaker who would step up to claim the victory, the lead in their rivalry and, most importantly, the World Heavyweight Championship. While our fans got the answer at Survivor Series – Batista won the match to retain the gold – the solution was overshadowed by the manner in which the problem was solved.

Unfortunately for The Phenom, there was one variable in the equation he didn’t anticipate: R. That’s R as in “Rated-R Superstar,” as it was a returning Edge who gave Batista the inadvertent lift he needed by screwing The Deadman out of his sixth World Title; at the same time, however, he ruined another tremendous effort by The Animal and The Phenom, one that was finally to put an end to their intense rivalry.

Before Edge's sickening attack, however, Hell in a Cell certainly lived up to its name and reputation, as both men were battered, bloodied, bruised and broken.

Early on, it looked as if both men knew what they were in for, but Undertaker stepped his game up a notch. The Animal blocked early attempts at both a chokeslam and the Triangle Choke, but couldn’t stop The Phenom once a steel chair got involved. Both men proceeded to throw everything at one another – and one another into everything – in an attempt to walk out victorious.

No matter what both men tried, they could not put the match away. While Batista escaped both a Triangle Choke and a Last Ride, The Phenom was just as resilient, kicking out of numerous spinebusters and separate pinfall attempts after two Batista Bombs – the second one seeing The Deadman thrown through a table. Both men were bloodied, battered and broken, but after a pair of Tombstone Piledrivers – the second coming on the base of the steel ring steps – it looked as if Undertaker had finally put The Animal away.

That’s where things went downhill for The Phenom. As he covered Batista following the second Tombstone, referee Mickie Henson was pulled from the ring … by Edge? Indeed, the Rated-R Superstar – who himself was forced to relinquish the gold due to injury back in July – disguised himself as a cameraman inside the Cell and struck at the most inopportune time for The Phenom.

Edge entered the ring, using the same video camera he had apparently been wielding all match as a weapon, striking a crushing blow down across Undertaker’s skull. With an angsty, bitter look on his face, the returning Rated-R Superstar then delivered a sickening Con-Chair-To to The Phenom, using the base of the ring steps as his steel accomplice. He then dragged Batista on top of Undertaker, forcing Mickie Henson to count the pinfall and award Batista the victory and the title. To add further injury to insult, Edge struck once more after the bout, smashing a steel chair across The Phenom’s face.

Clearly, Edge made a shocking statement, but why did he target Undertaker? SmackDown’s new backstage interviewer, Anastacia, caught up with the Rated-R Superstar moments after his conspicuous return, and you can see what Edge had to say exclusively on WWE Mobile on AT&T this Tuesday. While his reasoning is a burning query, perhaps the more pressing question is this: What will both the victor and the victim of his return have to say about it?

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